This is Home, Where I Belong

Happy Birthday 48th Singapore! I guess many Singaporeans out there, like myself, would felt really contented for being about to live in a prosperous,peaceful and safe country with our loved ones right by our sides.

At 48 years old, Singapore is pretty much a young nation with a mixed cultural pot of people as compared to other nations who found independence several decades or even hundred years ago. As a young nation with a mix of both local and foreigners living in an urbanized city, our future looks rather promising as we continue to grow and prosper as a nation.But on our journey to strive and succeed, let’s not forget about showing our love and care for the environment in which we all share.

Though we are only a red dot on the world map, the sheer presence of our country and its people could make an impact on the environment. Let’s make a positive impact on our environment by continuing to support both the government and private organizations in promoting clean and green energies to fuel our nation and economy. Each of us can contribute by supporting such green efforts to mitigate climate changes and protect our Earth to make this planet an ever-lasting and sustainable one.

NRGLab Company:

The Fund of entrepreneurs-inventors:

Viscoil Holdings:
NRGLab’s YouTube Channel:

In celebration of our National Day, I decided to do a song cover on a classic National Day Song, sung by Kit Chan in 1998. Enjoy!

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