V10 Plus Anti-Ageing Beauty Workshop : How to Freeze Your Age

V10 Plus Anti-Ageing Beauty Workshop : How to Freeze Your Age

Upon the exclusive invitation from V10 plus, I was at Japanese Association of Singapore last weekend to attend an anti-ageing beauty workshop where Dr.Elias Tam, a well-known aesthetic doctor in Singapore, gave a short seminar on anti-ageing.

Mrs. Akiko Yokota, the CEO and founder of V 10plus was also present to grace the event and to introduce her philosophy behind V 10plus – ” Beautiful skin = clean, bright, shiny skin even without any make-up!” True, indeed, don’t we all dream about having a skin that is close to perfection? And a good skincare routine with high quality skincare products could help you to get one step closer to porcelain smooth-looking skin. And if you have met Mrs. Akiko Yokota personally, you would have noticed that she is a good living testimony of how Japanese are serious about maintaining a luminous, fair and youthful skin.


Dr. Elias Tam’s use of scientific language to explain the process of aging had strike a chord with me as I reminisce those varsity days where I spent most of time cracking the mystery behind the biochemical reactions taking place in a cell. On one hand, I’m glad that able to put what I’ve learnt back then into good use but on the other hand, I remained skeptical when it comes to scientific research because scientific truths are constantly challenged and evolving. 
Well, pushing that aside, we can’t do away with research and development because they gave us humanity a light of hope. In this case,  humans could finally do something to conquer their greatest fear – aging. 
Aging in a natural process but today, this term has been somewhat tainted with negative societal perception that being old is essentially ugly and unpleasant. Speaking from my part, if my skin became all wrinkly and saggy, I would be in a dire need of help to regain back my youth. Even at 25, I already start to notice some signs of aging my skin.
But to combat and slow down the aging process, you need to find out the main root cause and from there, try to ‘snip off’ this root cause to stop the aging process. The main culprit for skin aging is none other than the ultra violet rays from the sun, as mentioned by Dr. Elias Tam during his seminar. The skin on our face aged faster than the skin on any other parts of the body. Why so? Because our face,arms and legs are constantly being exposed daily to the harmful sun rays. Okay, ladies, maybe it’s time to cover ourselves up from head to toe whenever we head out of the door. We can slap as much sunscreen or sunblock on our faces, but nothing beats sheltering ourselves away from those skin-damaging sun rays.

But let’s not get too technical here with the science behind aging. More importantly, if we want to harness onto our fountain of youth, we need to be a little more hardworking each day by applying a good sunscreen on our face, neck and other exposed areas. This is the reason why I could never leave the house without applying a thin layer of sunscreen on my face. Ladies, the sunscreen is more importantly than anything else! Be it mascara, foundation, blusher or concealer, applying sunscreen on your skin is a must, as stated in any other beauty bible around.


Dr. Tam also spent a fraction of time to share about the aesthetic procedures which he had performed on his patients before. His sharing did provided me with new insights about aesthetic treatment and surgeries. I got to realise that plastic surgeries aren’t just meant for people who wished to beautify themselves to merely make themselves more attractive. In fact, these aesthetic treatments also help to boost the confidence of people who were less confident about the way they look or to improve their health status. So I guess we shouldn’t be too judgmental people who seek aesthetic treatments because not all of them are pursuing perfection in beauty but merely, to seek an improvement in their lives.


During the second half of the seminar, we were introduced to V 10 Plus products, in particular their 10 specially-formulated serums which have won several beauty awards worldwide. Their range of high quality serums has not only been highly recommended and featured in international beauty magazines for 10 good resounding reasons.
1. It contains no parabens.
2. It contains no artificial colourings.
( But who needs artificial colourings for skincare products anyway?)
3. It contains no mineral oil.
( Mineral oil is a petroleum derivative which might exacerbate acne skin problems. Though it isn’t entirely bad for the skin, people with sensitive skin should avoid it. )
4. It contains no chemical fragrance.
( Perfect for sensitive skin.)
5. It is water based.
( Water-based products are readily absorbed by the skin and are suitable for people with oily skin.)
6. The customized serums are cater to address 10 different skin problems.
( Hmmm…what if one has all 10 different skin problems? Is there a 10-in-1 serum?)
7. It is dermatologist tested.
8. It produce visible results in just 10 days.
( That’s less than two weeks!)
9. The colourful clear serum bottles provides colour therapy for users. 
( No wonder I felt much happier when looking at those clear coloured bottles.)
10. It is made in Japan.
( Quality-ensured!)


I was given one of their V 10plus serums, Collagen, and their brightening cleanser from their luminous series to test out. I pretty much enjoyed using the collagen serum which really made my skin supple and soft after application but it is certainly quite difficult to witness any noticeable effect or changes in my skin because the collagen serum merely helps to plump up the skin and increase the skin elasticity. However, this is one good skin serum to begin with (especially if you are trying out V 10plus serums for the first time) because collagen, which is the essential building block of the skin structure, actually strengthens the foundation of the skin. Once you hit your mid-twenties, you should incorporate such skincare products that contain collagen to maintain elasticity and juvenility of the skin.


The whole media session ended with my all-time favourite Japanese food, SUSHI! I couldn’t be more happy to fill my stomach with sushi after performing an intense workout at the gym in the morning.


In addition to skincare, everything else in the eyes of the Japanese has to look aesthetically-pleasing as well. This is clearly an innovative way of stacking up those wooden chopsticks!


My satisfying food platter with fruits that could perhaps slow down my aging process as I feast on them.

Oh, did I forget that that toasted Nori seaweed of the sushi contains bio-active compounds that helps to keep our skin youthful? Okay, I’ve pretty much learnt all the essential points about freezing my biochemical age.

Stay sweet 16 forever!


For more information on V10Plus products, do visit V10Plus Website.

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