Vita Green : Vita Yin Yang – Going Organic with Chinese Herbs,Cordyceps


In the western world, going organic means taking in live fresh produce. And in the east, the Chinese also do believe in the power of consuming natural herbs which treats and relieves body ailments by simply bringing a balance of both Yin and Yang in the body. If we could nourish our body naturally, we could also treat our body illnesses organically, using natural herbs grown right from the earth.


Embarking on this new health-eating lifestyle has certainly increase my horizons and knowledge about health and balanced living. If I’ve already started going organic, then would I be able to consume pills prescribed by the doctor when I’m ill? Perhaps, natural traditional chinese herbs might just be the answer.
One of the more common chinese herbs to replenish both Yin and Yang energy in the body is Cordyceps. This chinese herb, which belongs to the family of parasitic mushrooms growing on caterpillars in the high plateaus of China, Nepal and Tibet, is also a common ingredients used in herbal soups and herbal chickens. Enjoying the multitude benefits of this grass-looking and worm-like herb is now made easier with the production of Cordyceps capsules like Vita Yin Yang, one of Vita Green’s premium products.

Vita Yin Yang is made from manufactured pure cultivated Cordyceps which are grounded and packed into small capsules. Each bottle of Vita Yin Yang contains 60 capsules and each capsule is equivalent to 15 wild Cordyceps.
More importantly, this Chinese Caterpillar fungus possesses both therapeutic and nutritional properties for overall health, in particular, to tonify the kidneys and lungs, relieving symptoms such as respiratory discomfort and coughing.This herb is purportedly beneficial in improving physical endurance and increase respiratory efficiency. Even Chinese athletes are reported to be consuming Cordyceps which is believe to increase oxygen flow to the heart and muscles of the body.


Vita Yin Yang’s Cordyceps capsules are conveniently packed into sachets.


Vita Yin Yang contains 100% premium grade pure cultivated Cordyceps.

Cordyceps sinensis ( Fermented ) 333mg
For health maintenance, take 1 capsule daily. 
For health improvement, take 2 or 3 capsules daily.

Available at all Guardian stores in Singapore.
Original Price: $109. 
Introductory price: $99.
Made in Hong Kong
For more information, visit the following Vita Green‘s website.

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