Vita Hair: Vita Green Natural and Wild – Herbs to Curb Hair loss and Greying


Are you afraid of the word ‘old’? Does this word sends shivers down your spine somehow? People often link several atrocities to aging for instance, saggy skin, wrinkles, degrading intelligence, greying hair and a multitude of other signs of aging that isn’t quite desirable by today’s social standards. Thanks to advancement in medicine and technology, we could pretty much turn to supplements or pills to slow down or reverse the signs of aging.

You have botox and other non-surgical treatments for fine lines and wrinkles to achieve back your youthful skin. And you could also age with wisdom through brain-stimulating activities like cracking a Sudoku puzzle or idling your time away with Mahjong, an all-time favourite among grannies. But if your hair is turning from grey to white with subsequent hair problems such as hair loss, you could rely on health supplements or natural herbs besides seeking hair care treatment from hair care specialist.


Vita Green, a leading manufacturer in traditional Chinese medicine and western health supplements, is recently just launched their new and improved formula of Vita Hair which helps to curb greying of the hair as well as hair loss. Formulated using potent traditional Chinese medicine herbs such as LingZhi, Vita hair could help restore the greying hair to the original colour and stimulate healthy hair growth. 
This anti-greying hair supplement,which use 100% natural ingredients, works by improving the nutritional supply to the hair follicles, regulating hormones and strengthening the kidneys.
According to the product claim, it is recommended that one should consume Vita Hair for at least three to six months to witness visible results as healthy hair growth is usually slow. It does take time for the supplements to take effect as it is relying on an au naturel method of using Chinese herbs to regulate the body functions and systems for the best results.
I’ve been given about 3 months supply of these supplements and thankfully, my hair isn’t turning colour on its own naturally yet so I’m probably going to extend this health supplements to my folks at home. Though I might be stuffing myself with these supplements once I hit my fifties or sixties. I’m all for aging naturally and beautifully with natural ingredients sow from the earth.

Cheers to healthy aging!



Vita Hair is manufactured in Hong Kong.

Each bottle contains 90 capsules.

Recommended intake : 3 capsules daily

Suitable for male and females.

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