30-Day Challenge @ Breathe Pilates : Week 3 – Power Up!


Think Pilates is easy? You are going to break into sweat when if you try out the advanced Pilates moves.

During one of the Pilates Challenge sessions, I happened to be the only student around so I received full attention from the instructor which was a great thing because this time, I was finally put to the challenge. This 30-Day challenge ain’t a challenge for me without performing moves where I would wobble and tremble with a scrunched face.

Week 3 of the challenge, here I come!


I could really shaky when it comes to lunges, especially doing lunges on the reformer with one leg pushing the carriage. And my instructor was pretty good at nailing my weaker muscle groups. I wasn’t aware of my weaker muscle groups til my instructor pointed out to me. No wonder I couldn’t perform a perfect lunge during yoga. But with that body awareness in mind, I would constantly remind myself to strengthen my thigh muscles to that it could support my body weight better. And guess what? After a few days of practices, I could now do a stable lunge movement without trembling and gritting my teeth.


I felt that the time somehow passed faster with each subsequent lesson and just when my muscles started to get activated, the lesson has already ended. How I wish each lesson could last for an hour and half or even longer! Perhaps they should be like a Pilates-marathon session.


As for diet-wise, I am combining juicing with this natural supplement called Vital Green from Australia that is packed with loads of greens and superfood! I will be reviewing about this product on a seperate post so do watch out for that!

Peace to all fitness junkies!

Read about my pre-30 Day challenge post here and healthy recipes by Balance Living!

Breathe Pilates 

(Novena Branch)

#09-33 Novena Medical Center 
10 Sinaran Drive 307506
Nearby MRT Station: Novena

(East Coast Branch)

217 East Coast Road428915
Nearby MRT Station: Eunos

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