Ayataka™ Japanese Green Tea: Why You Should Drink Green Tea Before Working Out

Green tea is a miraculous tea with remarkable benefits in improving the health of the body. Why?

Benefits of drinking green tea

The key compounds in green tea are flavonoids and catechins, which are both present in significantly high amounts in green tea leaves. They are basically just anti-oxidants that prevent oxidative damage to your body cells.

Since many illnesses and diseases are caused by the damage of cells due to free radicals, green tea is said to be one of the best natural supplement in preventing diseases.  

The other widely-known benefit of green tea is its capability to boost metabolism and increase calorie burn. But don’t go about thinking that green tea can effectively bring your weight down!

In fact, you can’t really quite call it a slimming tea because green tea could only accelerate metabolism by only 4%, which amounts to 100 calories per day.

So, if you’re talking about shedding the kilos here, I’m sad to say that green tea isn’t going to help as much. However, if you drink green tea before exercising, it is definitely going to help you lose some calories.

Drinking green tea before exercising

I couldn’t remember where I learnt this tip from but it would certainly help you to reap the full benefits of green tea in burning calories.

And this little tip isn’t quite a myth. A research study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition had found that ingesting green tea extract before exercise actually helps to burn 17 per cent more fat during a 30-minute cardio workout.

Though there isn’t any scientific reasoning established yet, I do believe that it drinking green tea before exercising does have a different effect as compared to drinking green tea after exercising.

I felt the hunger pangs set in very quickly when I drink green tea before working out. Maybe drinking green tea helps with calorie burn during exercise. If this is true, you have to try this out for yourself!

I am not too sure how all of these translates scientifically, but I’m pretty sure that my body is absorbing all the anti-oxidants from the green tea.

How to prepare green tea?

One of my favourite ways of preparing green tea is to seep the tea bag into a bottle of lukewarm water. Then, let the green tea infused in the water for about 30 minutes before drinking.

But I didn’t like sipping steaming hot green tea especially when it is a hot day. So, on warmer days, I drink chilled green tea.

Ayataka Japanese Green Tea

Heaven and Earth Ayataka Japanese Green Tea No Sugar

Whenever possible, I would brew fresh green tea leaves instead of purchasing can or bottled green tea which has added sugar. But these days, there are plenty of green tea options in the market.

The recent launch of Ayataka, a ready-to-drink Japanese green tea is another great option for those who preferred the taste of natural Japanese Green tea without the addition of sugar.  

Launched by Coca Cola Singapore, Ayataka is the newest addition to the household brand Heaven and Earth® tea range.

What makes Ayataka Green Tea so special?

Heaven and Earth Ayataka Japanese Green Tea No Sugar can drink
Source: Coca-cola Singapore

Ayataka, a preservative-free and calorie-free drink, is brewed using carefully selected tea leaves. If you gently swirl the bottle of green tea, you will notice the distinct cloudiness in the tea. That cloudiness is a characteristic of authentic Japanese Green tea.

That’s instant Japanese tea which you can enjoy on the go in case you run out of tea bags while you’re out. It’s a pretty convenient beverage to grab and go just before you visit the gym.

Heaven and Earth Ayataka Japanese Green Tea No Sugar deeniseglitz

So, instead of loading up your body with isotonic and sugary drinks before exercising, why not opt for green tea that helps you maintain good health?    

Are you a green tea addict,too? 

Where to buy Ayataka Japanese Green Tea?

Heaven and Earth® Ayataka Japanese Green Tea comes in 315ml cans, 500ml bottles and 1.5L bottles. It is sold at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and coffee shops across Singapore. It is priced from $0.75 to $1.75.

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