Beauty with Brains: Origins Smarty Plants and Make A Difference Plus+ Event @ The Lawn, Shenton



It was a bright and early Saturday morning where I was called upon to attend Origin’s blogger event at The Lawn @ Shenton. This happen to be one of my favourite go-to salad places for it’s value-for-money bowls of fresh salad that comes with great-tasting salad dressings. Besides, The Lawn is a perfect venue to host Origin, a skincare brand that creates high-performance natural products, with the bright, green and nature-friendly environment. Eating natural food like vegetables sown from the Earth is nutritious for the body, just like how using skincare products containing natural active ingredients that could do wonders for the skin.


We spent a morning learning about how to keep our skin well-hydrated with Origin’s Make A Difference Plus+ and how we could be “smart” by using Origin’s new CC cream that could outbeat the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The salad galore at The Lawn @Shenton

At The Lawn, you can pick whichever type of vegetables or salad toppings like pumpkin seeds you would like to go into your salad bowl. And I really love the idea of customizing the salad to suit your liking. Little did I realize, that some of the salad ingredients brought out here like watermelons, were also present in Origin’s Make A Difference Plus + products!


Each of us had this huge bowl of salad, homemade mushroom soup, warm muffins and Gryphon tea.



Have you drank Gryphon tea? Their blended tea is one of the best! It just calms and soothes my mind while sipping the tea and listening to Origin’s presentations.


Buzz.Buzz. My smacking huge bowl of salad with maple-infused chicken was finally ready!


I’m a huge fan of The Lawn’s salad dressings – especially, red island which tasted of parsley and lots of rep capsicum.


I’m sorry but I’m not really good at multi-tasking especially when I’m given such a hearty,healthy and tasty meal. All my senses were focus on savouring and enjoying the wonderful food right before me.


So, back to the main focus of this event where we get to witness how Origins takes the S.M.A.R.T approach to skincare technology, I was given the opportunity to test out their products on the spot.

During the event, we were being tossed a rather thought-provoking question that is, what is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin? There two terms to describe the state of the skin is commonly use to express the lack of moisture in the skin but it never occurred to me that there’s a distinct difference between “dry” and “dehydrated”.

Dehydrated skin is more of a temporary condition where it is usually caused by the weather or the use of products which are not suitable for your skin type. However, dry skin describes a skin type and it is mainly to due an impairment in the skin where the outer layers of the skin do not function to retain moisture properly. And it’s often difficult to reverse this skin condition. But thankfully, Origins has came up with a solution after five years of intensive research to create a new skincare range to combat dryness. Powered by plant-based and clinically-proven technology, Origins’ Make A Difference Plus + hydration system is very much the “first-aid” and “emergency” kit for people with dry skin types.


The combination of natural active ingredients used in Make A Difference Plus + hydration system

Extracted from Origins Make A Difference Plus + Serum and Treatment lotion Press Release


The signature ingredient of this complex formula is the Rose of Jericho, a.k.a the resurrection plant. This sturdy and highly-resilient plant which can preserve its seeds for many years and will blossom and opens upon submerging it in water.

Origins Smarty Plants CC SPF 20 PA +++  Skin complexion corrector
SGD 60 ( 40 ml) 

Turn City Smog into Pretty Skin

Next up, we get to try Origins Smarty Plants CC SPF 20 Skin complexion corrector, the first-ever CC cream to be made with natural active ingredients! This CC cream definitely lives up to its name for its multitude of benefits it brings to the skin for it only offers a sheer coverage to correct the skin tone, it also protects your skin from the environmental aggressors. Interestingly, this CC cream is activated to protect your skin only when it is exposed to ozone and pollution. This is what I call the 21st century smart beauty products, than could turn pollution into protection.

The 4 key benefits of Origins CC cream:

– Block 100% of environmental damage caused by free radicals

– Plump up the skin with moisture while reducing fine lines

– Correct and even out skin tone

– Create a radiant and almost smooth-looking complexion.


Key Ingredients

Green and White tea
( Release antioxidants when skin is exposed to UV light)

Vitamin C and Vitamin E
( Protect skin against pollution)

Thermus Thermophilus
( Microscopic algae that transforms oxidative stress from pollution into light hydration)

Encapsulated Salicylic Acid and Chestnut extract
( Time-released smoothing ingredient to create a ‘flawless’ look)

Plant-coated mineral pigments
( Adjust and corrects to match skin tone)

I was a little apprehensive when my face looked a quite “orangey” and dark after applying the CC cream unto my face. But my unprecedented fears were gone when I noticed that the orange tint of the CC cream fades, and reflects an even sheer tone that complements with my skin colour. Though the coverage is sheer and light, it is sufficient to conceal any unwanted marks and  I like how it make my skin looked rather ‘flawless’ under light. However, I wished the colour of the CC cream is a tone lighter so that is matches my fair skin tone perfectly to bring out the radiance and brilliance of my skin.

Make A Difference Plus + Serum, SGD82 (30 ml)

This amazingly light serum that smelt of refreshing bergamot scent will gently awakens and hydrates your skin upon application. This rejuvenating versatile scent will get you prep up for the day and at the same time, releasing all those tensions as you unwind when you use it during the night. I like the gel-like aqueous texture of the serum that is suitable for my skin type as I can’t use cream-based skincare products as it will clog the pores of my skin. It did keep my skin soft and supple throughout the night til the next morning. 

Origins uses advanced science and earth-friendly practices to unleash the power of each rare and potent natural ingredient.

For more information, visit Origins Singapore Official website or
Origins Singapore Facebook Page

8 Shenton Way 
AXA Tower
Singapore 068811

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