Breaking News! I’m A Correspondent for Ana Shell Media Press


Here’s the breaking news, folks! I’m now officially a correspondent for Ana Shell Media Press, an international multimedia news agency set-up by Ana Shell Fund. And the owner and founder of Ana Shell Fund is none other than Ana Shell, a young and vibrant venture businesswoman and environmentalist, who has also spearheaded NRGLab Singapore, a science-driven company which specializes in alternative energies.

It all started out with me writing as a blogger for NRGLab Singapore where I would contribute weekly articles featuring NRGLab’s projects, news, updates and environmental-related issues. But right now, things have just moved up a notch when Ana Shell took a bold step and launched her very own multimedia news agency.

Ana Shell Media Press aims to garner aspiring journalists, photographers, bloggers and writers from all over the world to supply content and news on the latest events happening across the world. Joining with their international team of editors and journalists hired from all over the world, I, too, will be working along with them to bring about the latest and hottest news and events happening right here in Singapore.

I had totally no idea that I would emerge as a correspondent for a news agency just simply from blogging about my nomadic way of life and big dreams. Life sometimes takes to unexpected and unfamiliar places at times, right?

I’m smelling roses in the air already!

Catch me working in action with Ana Shell Media Press white cap or Polo-Tee with the logo emblazoned across the front in brilliant gold. 


The future event write-ups and interviews which I blogged about on behalf of Ana Shell Media Press will be published on Ana Shell Media Press website. To read my articles, you can simply click my name, “Deenise Glitz” under the ‘Top Authors’ section on the right-hand corner of the home page.

For any business enquiries/media partnership/collaboration with Ana Shell Media Press, you can contact our team by sending us an email (

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