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Celebrating Ambi Pur’s “Smelly to Smiley” Day with Lavenders and Vanilla + Ambi Pur Giveaway!

Celebrating Ambi Pur’s “Smelly to Smiley” Day with Lavenders and Vanilla + Ambi Pur Giveaway!

Have you seen the latest TV advertisement by Ambi Pur about how it is able to mask and eliminate some of the nastiest smells around in the house? It was pretty hard for me to believe till I took part in Ambi Pur’s “Smelly to Smiley” challenge last Friday at JEM’s Fairprice Xtra where I pleasantly surprised by how long I was able to stay in a smelly chamber without pinching my nose!
This challenge was hosted by Mediacorp artiste, Ben Yeo, a truly down-to-earth, “smiley” and humble actor who entertained us with his witty remarks.
( Read on for more details on how you could win Ambi Pur’s products.)


An aromatic Lavender tea experience – freshly-baked lavender cookies (with real lavender flower bits!) and Earl Grey Lavender tea. And thank goodness, they didn’t spray the Ambi Pur’s Lavender Vanilla Air Effects Spray on the lilac-creamed cookies even though they are branded with the Ambi Pur’s logo.


It was a pretty small and cosy session with the various media representatives who were also up bright and early to be physically present to witness Ambi Pur’s “Smelly to smiley” challenge.

For a start, Linda Lim, an air care scientist who works at Procter and Gamble, shared with us the technology behind Ambi Pur and the dual benefits of fragrance and odor elimination of Ambi Pur products. Her short presentation on the science of Ambi Pur’s air fresheners had me reminiscing my university days where I would my eyelids lifted up while listening to the professor rattling about biomolecules and chemical bonding. For once, I’m applying what I’ve learnt into good use because the superior technology employed by Ambi Pur simply makes a lot of sense.

So, how Ambi Pur knocks off nasty smells?

Bad odours usually arise from bacterial activity and the nasty-smelling airborne molecules can trapped with the fibres of fabric. That explains why your clothes will be reeking of cigarette smell if you’re enclosed in the same room with a smoker. After some time, the accumulation of bad smelling molecules will evolved into a stale stench which will probably knock anyone out of their senses. Unless you want to intoxicate someone, you wouldn’t want your surroundings to smell like a rubbish dump.
Well, that’s when people would turn to air fresheners when it serves to freshen up homes and offices with pleasant-smelling scents. But air fresheners that simply introduce an additional overpowering scent without nipping in the bud by neutralizing and eliminating odours isn’t going to work very effectively. Because you might end up having to spray more air freshener product into the air to keep your homes smelling like lavender fields. 
However, Ambi Pur’s different in the sense that it could actually neutralize and get rid of odours instead of just masking bad smells! Ambi Pur does it smoothly and intelligently with its doughnut-shape molecule (called Cyclodextrin), found in each can of aerosol spray,that identifies and traps bad-smelling molecules.That explains why Ambi Pur is effective in removing all traces of bad odours. And to tackle the root of the problem, Ambi Pur has came up with Febreze which contains alcohol that kills bacteria to prevent the formation of bad odours in fabrics. In fact, I’m relying on Febreze to keep my bedsheets smelling fresh and clean.


Smelling great is one thing and the type of scent is another. I personally didn’t really like the smell of air fresheners as they are most likely to smell either like the toilet with the citrus and lemony smell or like hospitals, with its clean, sharp and acrid scent. When using an air freshener for my room or personal space, I prefer something floral or soothing like Lavender or peaches. The most interesting of all, is that people just have no idea how the sense of smell, which can affect one’s emotional and psychological well being, can play a major role in our lives.
Our nose is a much neglected sensory organ which we often take for granted. Most of us probably have no idea how scents can be manipulated in a way to change our mood and emotions. Thankfully, Ambi Pur has invited a French perfumer and fragrance expert,Sandy Blandin, to share with us about how scents interacts with our olfactory system and how scents can trigger memories, induce relaxation and improve concentration.


Sandy is also the founder of NoseWhoKnows, an institute which conducts olfactory workshops, fragrance consultancy and tailor-made programmes for professionals, students and generally for anyone who is interested in learning the art of perfumery. You can check out their facebook page for more events and updates!


Her short seminar on scents was made fun and interactive when she conducted simple fragrance experiments with us.


I didn’t know you could inhale scents through your mouth! Sandy taught us how to puff out perfume vapours through our mouths, and for an instant, we all transform into mobile human air fresheners where we could huff and puff our sweet-smelling scents from our mouth!


I was experiencing a slight olfactory fatigue by the end of Sandy’s “mini workshop” on fragrances after sniffing several different pure fragrances from cinnamon to bergamot. But the whole workshop-like experience was fun and I like the activity where we were asked to describe the scent using colours,shapes and textures. This creativity-stimulating activity is a perfect breather for my brain to stretch and exercise some brain muscles.


My nose had worked very hard for the day! Perhaps I need to start training my nose to identify scents if I ever plan on becoming on perfumer next time. I use to always envision myself working as a perfumer  who worked by the lush and vast lavender fields in Nice, France.

Before the programme comes to an end, we were invited to enter the secret ‘chamber’ where we could undergo the challenge. I was blind-folded with a blue satin cloth and was ushered into the chamber…

It was the nicest-smelling chamber ever as it reminded me of crème brûlée and a creamy vanilla scent. The scent was quite strong and crisp.

Then the moment of truth came when I took off my blindfold and saw this heap of …



I experienced a knee-jerk reaction when I saw this clutter of unsightly mess.

My conjured images of vanilla-flavoured crème brûlée in my mind has abruptly disappeared and replaced with images of smelly socks reeked with a stench that is mixed with the pungent smells of durian. Ewe… how disgusting!

I couldn’t smell any of those yucky scents. And I was quite tempted to grab the socks and bring it to my nose to see whether it smells like someone with Hong Kong feet but thank goodness, I did not bring myself to do that. I didn’t want this episode to spoil my appetite for my next meal.

There also weren’t any mixed of scents but pure lavender vanilla scent from Ambi Pur Air Effects spray.This range of air freshener by Ambi Pur , which comes in two different scents ( Lavender vanilla and New Zealand Springs)can maintain up to 30 minutes of optimum freshness.


Both Ambi Pur Air Effects Spray New Zealand Springs and Lavender Vanilla retails at 
 SGD 6.90 each.
To bring further relaxation and comfort into your lives, I have partnered with Ambi Pur to do an exclusive giveaway for you guys where you could stand a ridiculously easy chance to win 3-months supply* worth of Ambi Pur air effects Spray! And I will be selecting 3 lucky winners!
*Each lucky winner will receive a 3-month supply of Ambi Pur products which includes 3 cans of Ambi Pur Air Effects Spray(New Zealand Springs) and another 3 cans of Ambi Pur Air Effects Spray(Lavender Vanilla and comfort). 

* Open to those who resides in Singapore only.

Winners will be selected randomly. (using a name random selector)


Step 1: 

Step 2: 
Answer the following question.

What are the two Ambi Pur Air Effects scents mentioned in the blog post?
Email your answer along with your name and contact number to u0703890@gmail.com before
20 October 2013.
* Special thanks to Ambi Pur for sponsoring the prizes.

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