Crampeze: A Natural Remedy to Ease Night-time Cramps


I know I need to escape and run away quickly before he catches me by the collar. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins and I could my legs almost giving way after sprinting for so long…ouch!
The dim imagery of the dream in my head disappears and I opened my eye instantaneously to find myself lying on the bed with this sudden jolt of pain in my right leg. Night-leg cramps, again?

What’s night-leg cramps? It’s a sudden spasms or tightening of muscles that happen at night. It is most commonly occur in the calf muscles, though it may also occur on other parts of the leg. Most of the time it can be so painful that it disrupts your sleep.

The causes of night-leg cramps are dehydration, imbalance of electrolytes, mineral/vitamin deficiencies or overexertion of muscles. Though night-leg cramps are more common in adults over the age of 50, it may also occur in young adults and children. For instance, for myself, I do get occasional night-leg cramps but it doesn’t occur very frequently and it often goes off very quickly, after a minute or so.


But if you suffer from night-time cramps really often, you can prevent this by doing light stretches before going to bed to ease muscle tension, stay well-hydrated throughout the day or reply on medications or supplements to maintain a healthy balance of minerals such as magnesium.

Well, the good news is such muscle cramps can now be treated with a natural remedy like Crampeze.It’s a dietary supplement, that has been formulated with key ingredients such as Homoeopathic copper, Magnesium, Feverfew Extract (traditional medicinal herb), Vitamin B Complex, D and E. This unique natural formulation will help to relieve muscle cramps, spasms and tired legs.

Each box of Crampeze Forte contains 30 tablets and it is suitable for daily consumption.

Recommended intake: 2 tablets a day (One in the day and one at night)

Crampeze Forte is suitable for adults above 18 years old but it is not recommended for expectant mothers without direct supervision from the doctor.

Retails at SGD 29.90, Crampeze Forte can be found at Guardian, Watsons and Unity stores.

Crampeze is developed by LaCorium Health and distributed in Singapore by United Italian Trading Corporation Pte Ltd.

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