Energy-Saving Apps to Prolong Your Phone Battery Life

Hate it when your phone battery runs out when you’re out without a charger or a portable phone battery? As a blogger and a social media junkie, I practically couldn’t function or live without my phone because I’ve been relying on it so much to communicate with my family and friends, upload photos on Facebook and Instagram and take instant snapshots of life with my favourite camera app.

Our heavy reliance on the phone to multi-task has led to an increase energy consumption. While we moving towards a greener future where more green and alternative energies would be made available, we mustn’t take electricity or our precious energy resources for granted. It’s time for all citizens of this planet to practise good energy-saving habits. For a start, we could start with our mobile phones, an energy-consuming device which I call it ‘my personal assistant’. Besides switching off Bluetooth and Wifi connection when not in used to save energy, you could also download top energy-saving apps to help prolong your phone battery life.

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1. Easy Battery Saver

Easy Battery Saver is an easy energy-saving application which helps to extend battery life and optimize your mobile usage. This app also lays out the stats which inform you of your current percentage of remaining battery power and also how many hours of battery life is left.

There are four present saving modes on Easy Battery Saver which you can choose from. When I was using my Samsung android phone, I would use the intelligent saving mode and super power saving mode when my phone is about to die upon me.
To me, Easy Battery saver is quite an idiot-proof app as compared to other popular battery energy-saving apps like Juice Defender.
However, it’s currently only made available for android phones. That means the current iPhone 3 I’m using is not compatible. (I’m looking into purchasing an energy-saving smartphone once I get my mobile plan renewed!)

2. I Am Green 

This is another green app which is really worth checking out! What is interesting is that the green initiative proposed by iamgreen, LLC. This company has pledged to plant a tree for every mobile application downloaded. In other words, every mobile devices with this app is coupled to a living tree, which further offsets the energy you consume day-to-day. It makes using and downloading this app on your phone more meaningful!

It is one of the functional green apps around which saves energy consumption of your phone so that you don’t have to frequently charge your phone.
Again, this is one of the easiest and idiot-proof apps which is, sadly, only android-compatible. I’m nuts for mobile apps which are simple, uncluttered and easy to use.

3. Carat
Finally, an energy-saving app for iPhone and iPad users! Unlike the other 2 Android battery-saving app, this app works by generate personalized recommendations based on the feedback collated from your device for improving the battery life.

Carat will alert you of which apps it thinks are hogs (consumes a lot of battery) so that you could make smart choices to improve their battery life.

This app functions like an ‘energy-saving advisor’ which advises on you on how to prolong your phone battery life. It also spurs you to save more energy with its J-Score that tells you how your battery efficiency fares when compared to other users. Well, I guess that adds a little more fun when it comes to conserving energy.
Have fun with these energy-saving apps and do your part to save the environment!

This is a weekly article contributed by Deenise Glitz for NRGLab, an alternative energy and science-driven company based in Singapore. Visit their website to find out more about their current energy projects.

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