I Had My Braces Removed!


I’m feeling so liberated without my braces right now. I couldn’t quite believe that the dentist,finally informed me that my braces could be taken off since all the gaps between each tooth are now closed and that my two rows of teeth are all properly aligned. It felt great to not have any metal wires attached to my teeth! What’s even better is that I don’t have to pose with an awkward smile anymore when it comes to photoshoots!
My braces journey has lasted for about 17 months which is about a year and a half. There were times where I would get overly-concerned about food particles trapped in the braces and about maintaining my braces clean. However, after I get into the swing of things, I figured a way to self cleanse my teeth with my ever-so powerful tongue to push any food particles out ( I know it’s gross!) and I didn’t have much problems with my teeth until I had my permanent retainers attached behind the back of my teeth. The downside of the fixed bonded retainer is that I have to wear it for life to prevent the shifting of the teeth which may give rise to gaps generated between each tooth. It certainly wasn’t fun having a foreign body attached to your teeth – for life. And flossing of the teeth was now made difficult with the fixed bonded retainers. Sometimes, my gums would get really swollen if I didn’t cleanse my teeth properly.
It was very uncomfortable at first and I couldn’t get to use to be wearing the permanent retainers 24/7 for the first few days. I tried to keep an open mind and coaxed myself into getting used to that uneasy feeling of having a foreign body glued to my teeth. Yes, I’m doing this in the name and glory of beauty!
 After a while of getting adjusted to the changes, I was no longer bothered by the presence of the permanent retainers. In fact, I was thankful that there’s a wire placed across my teeth to hold them in place.
In addition to the permanent retainers, I also have to wear a set of detachable retainers as well! I was told to wear it during the day and night for the first 3 months but I just couldn’t bear take it off whenever I’m home or having a meal. Eating a meal with a retainer on is worse than having a braces on because so much food could get trapped with the retainer. Well, I guess I have to bear with this for another 3 more months. Just 3 more!

Anyway, I’m just glad that my teeth are all finally in placed, nestling at where it should be.

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