Mordecai Skin: An Exquisite Skincare Boutique Who Understood Real Beauty

(Pronounced as Mor-d-Kai)
Inspired by the Bible
Besides switching to organic and raw food eating, one of the many ways I’m trying to ‘greenify’ my lifestyle is to stick environmentally-friendly or organic skincare products. Though it might take some time before I finish using up every single drop of my existing range of skincare products, I was hoping that I would be able to find beauty salons that would make the effort to invest in the use of organic skincare products on its customers and at the same time, invest part of their time and effort in keeping the earth green. Let’s just say that my desires were heard and instead of me hopping around the island to search for one, Mordecai has found me through StreetDirectory. 
 Mordecai’s nature-inspired green interior left me a deep impression because the shades of leafy green was so soothing to look at. Nothing here is too fancy but just clean,simple, neat and more importantly, honest. This goes down right to their staff, who were donned with khaki pants and a crisp white top, looking highly professional,well-dressed and presentable with their radiant ‘almost no makeup’ makeup look. And I was like, “Oh wow, am I visiting a beauty salon at a neighbourhood or a posh spa salon in the city?” Clearly, this owner and management of this salon has its eyes on the details, and keen on keeping themselves uniquely different from other salons. 
I had no doubt about how skilful their beauty therapists when I noticed the inert glow radiating from their almost poreless porcelain face. And if they are able to maintain a healthy and radiant skin, they must have already gain the experience and learnt the secrets and tricks of this trade that the amateur would not have already fully grasped hold of. Besides, their competency could be affirmed by their webpage on their team of beauty “guardian angels” who were aptly trained. 
The conversation I had with Mr.Lam has revealed an interesting story and principle behind the name “Mordecai”. It would do no justice for me to explain the significance and the biblical story behind the word “Mordecai” so let me just leave the question mark hanging there for you for the story of Mordecai could only be told in the most authentic way by the ones who carries the legacy of Mordecai.
Right at their counter was a list of facial treatments and services available with prices stated clearly on one side. With the transparency in revealing the fixed package and treatment prices to their customers, the team at Mordecai also doesn’t hard sell in bid to gain more profits. Rather, they believe in doing a honest and transparent business that would bring glory to God.
Here at Mordecai, as Mr.Lam revealed, the team is devoted to solve your skin woes and bring out the natural radiance in your skin.Thus, though there’s a list of different facial treatments mentioned on their website, the beautician would actually have to examine your skin condition first before providing the best type of treatment to improve your skin conditions. Whether you’re suffering from aging or acne problems, they are very much into believing about providing a personalized sort of facial treatment for their clients so that they would be able to witness the results more effectively.
Likewise, for myself, the beautician designed a facial treatment for me to treat some of my pimples which were erupting quite rapidly at the sides of my face. I reckon that I could have been using the wrong type of my product my face but anyway, I was glad that they managed to dig out the causes of my skin problems and unclogged my pores during extraction. My pain receptors were “overworked” that day but the pain was all worth it when my skin now has been restored back to its “natural state”. 
No more pimples, no more troubles.
Mordecai uses Eve Taylor skincare products which are hailed all the way from London.They made with natural ingredients which are gentle on the skin and they contain no artificial fragrance, mineral oil, Lanolin and alcohol. The use of natural essential oils made their products smell really heavenly. I was soaked in pure bliss with the calming scents of natural herbs during the facial massage and mask, right after extraction.
With my skin carefully treated and pampered by the hands of the beauty therapists, all I did was to lie down on the comfy bed for about 2 hours. Whatever skin woes I had, such as enlarged pores, were treated and dealt with during the facial. I received IPL treatment which would great help to refine my pores.Alot of work is going on to rejuvenate my skin where I close my eyes and tune in to the soft background music.
I couldn’t be more grateful to experience the Mordecai facial.
I would love to drop by at Mordecai Skin someday.
 Til then, 
God bless.
Special thanks to Mr.Lam and his team at Mordecai.

For the love of God, 
 May your true beauty shine like Queen Esther.

Blk 728 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 
#01-4214, Singapore, Singapore 560728
Tel: 6456 0900

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