My Daily Skincare Routine : Keeping it Clean and Simple


I believe it keeping simple and basic with my daily skincare routine. Ultimately, you will just need to ensure that your skin is well hydrated and protected from harmful UV damage to achieve a supple and youthful skin. The products I used are kept really minimal due to my busy lifestyle and the absence of make-up products on my face. I hardly put on make-up these days.

With lesser products on my face, I find that the pores on my skin can breathe better.

Less is more.

My Morning Skincare Products



L’Oreal PureActive Blackhead Remover Scrub


Witch Hazel

Moisturizer/Hydration Lotion:

Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion


Biore UV Aqua Rich Essence

My Evening Skincare Products


Cleanser and Toner:

 ( similar to the ones I used during the day)


2B Alternative Serum

V10 Plus Collagen Serum

Bio-essence Radiating Youth Essence

Night Moisturizer:

Bio-essence Face-Lifting Cream

Eye Product:

Origins No Puffery Roll-on for the Eyes


It’s important to first understand your skin type before purchasing the right product that suits your skin. The secret to smooth,supple and youthful skin is not about using high quality skincare products but giving your face a good facial massage, drinking lots of water, eating healthily and cultivating a beautiful heart.

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