Nature’s Body Cleansing Juice – Wheat Grass:How to Juice Wheat Grass with A Blender

Organically Grown Wheatgrass (Sold at NTUC Xtra, Jurong Point)

I was on cloud nine when I first spotted a packet of organically grown wheatgrass on the racks of the supermarket coolers. Dubbed as a superfood, wheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll, minerals and trace elements as well as vitamins A,E and B. In addition, it contains 12 different types of amino acids and out of the 12, 8 of them were essential amino acids which cannot be produced by the human body naturally.
For plants, the green pigments, chlorophyll is needed to absorb light for photosynthesis to happen. For us humans, chlorophyll is a great nutrient for detoxifying our liver and purifying our blood. It specifically remove toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum, which could have been stored and accumulated over the years in our body. So, if you’re on a detox, drinking wheatgrass juice would be a great supplement to your diet to help cleanse and restore your body.
But juicing wheatgrass can be somewhat tricky. Unlike juicing other greens like spinach and celery, the wheatgrass,which its leaf blades are soft,small and slender, can not be fed into a centrifugal juicer that runs on a high speed motor as the tiny wheatgrass stalks will get trapped in the blades of the metal sieve.Inititally, I didn’t believe that you can’t juice wheatgrass using a centrifugal juicer so I tried and tested. Conclusion? Do not follow my silly mistakes because your juicer will get damaged as a result of attempting to juice a bunch of wheatgrass stalks.
Daily green juice + Wheatgrass Shot

Thankfully, there are other ways to juice wheatgrass other than investing in a slow juicer which will costs another extra few hundreds of dollars. One of the cheapest way of juicing wheatgrass is to simply use a high-speed blender to extract the raw fresh goodness out of the wheatgrass!

Here is how I would juice wheatgrass:

1) Use a scissors to cut the wheatgrass stalks into small pieces.
(Long wheatgrass stalks may get tangled around the motor blades.)

2) Stuffed all the chopped wheatgrass into my U-Like blender.

3) Add about 1/2 cup of water.

4) And blend away… for about a minute.

5) Pour the mixture onto a strainer to separate the wheatgrass fibre from the juice.

And there you have it, a freshly-squeezed organic wheatgrass juice! Though it’s diluted with water, it’s still fresh and nutritious. However, if you opt for a wheatgrass shot, then you would need to invest a slow juicer to extract 100% pure wheatgrass juice.

As the taste of wheatgrass is very herbaceous and earthy, I would usually not drink it on its own but instead, I would mixed it up with my usual daily fruit or green juice in the morning. For me, the extra boost of wheatgrass is like an extra supplement for me to help my body achieve its clean state of health.

Stay raw and healthy!


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