NIVEA Extra White Mud Foam : Get Clean, Not Dirty with the New Mud Foam

When I am shopping for facial cleansers or other skincare products at Watsons Singapore, I tend to keep a lookout for interesting products which really appeals to me in terms of their unique concoction of ingredients, fun packaging or simply consistency or type of the product discharged. Instance, when bubble foam cleanser was introduced in the market, I just knew that I had to try it for myself before anyone else does. New quirky things like this gets me really excited.

And this month, there’s another new product in the market which will probably cause a wave of excitement once it’s available widely in Singapore. Ever used a facial foam that comes in the form of ‘mud’ or rather, in a outlandish dark grey colour? It will be even more bewildering when you read it’s product label that the mud foam could also whiten your skin. Fancy washing your greasy face with mud foam in hope to cleanse away any make-up residues,oil and dirt while helping your skin to look fairer after each usage? Well, it might just work if you read on further to study the amazing ingredients found right inside this tube shown below.


How does NIVEA Extra white mud foam work its magic?

It’s a fine and gentle mud foam which does a relatively good cleansing job in removing oil and make-up debris from skin without stripping off the skin’s natural moisture. Thus, it doubles up as a rather sturdy cleanser to be used right after you removed your make-up, before bedtime. In particular, I find that the cleanser works well in dislodging the make-up residues around the eye area.

When your face is clear of make-up and dirt, your pores are free to breathe once again. Now, that your pores are unclogged and clean, it will gradually shrink its size over time with proper skincare cleansing technique.

The mud foam also contains NIVEA’s exclusive Pearly White formula that delivers 10 times of whitening efficacy. Your face might looked dirty and tarred with the dark silver shimmering mud foam but not to worry, because your skin will only appear cleaner,brighter and fairer with each subsequent use.

I’ve been using NIVEA Extra white mud foam for a week now and here’s my verdict – an ultra gentle cleanser that gently removes make-up residues effectively, in particular the sunblock residues. Personally, I rarely pile up make-up on my face but I do use a SPF 50 sunblock on a daily basis on my skin. Since the sunblock I’m using is slightly tinted with pigments, I need to ensure that I cleanse my skin thoroughly with a good make-up remover or milk cleanser before using a facial cleanser. But right now, it looks like I could probably skip this step and plunge right into the cleansing step with NIVEA Extra white mud foam that could remove 10 types of make-up residues*!

(* This includes oil, powder, concealer, blush-on, eye shadow, silicon primer, eyeliner, colored powder, moisturizing cream residue and sun block residues.)


Get dirty clean with NIVEA Extra white mud foam!

Retailing at SGD 8.90 for 100ml, this product is available at all personal care stores and supermarkets, including Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice outlets and major retailers.

Visit NIVEA website or Facebook page for more details.

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