Pillows for the Eyes:LoveMore Platinum Eye Whitening Patch + Eco-Friendly Sheet Mask: SexyLook Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydrating System 4D Mask


You could call me an ardent fan of SexyLook masks (one of the best-selling facial masks in Taiwan!) because I’ve been using and loving their 3D masks that helps in hydrating and contouring my face while I’m working for hours on my computer to write and published blog posts in the wee hours of the morning. If not for these moisturizing paper masks, my skin would have looked lifeless and dull in the next morning. Applying paper masks has always been part of skincare routine that I can’t do without! But these days, I’ve been looking to eye masks to help reduce the appearance of dark eye circles and to cool and de-puff the eyes. Sadly, there aren’t many brands of great eye masks that would do a good job in at least brightening my eye.

But guess what, I think the universe had heard my woes and introduced me to LoveMore’s new series of eye patch masks. And this has been the type of eye mask I’ve been looking for! I find that hydrogel eye patches worked better than normal tissue-material type of eye masks because the hydrogel materials produces an extra cooling and refreshing effect on the area under the eyes.


I couldn’t have been more happy than to receive a box of 5 pairs of hydrogel eye patches that promises to lighten the panda eye effect around my eyes!


The baby blue packaging was lovely and it simple yet cute design of the package did make me felt highly anticipated to just rip open the box and try on the eye patches right away ( which I did!).


It comes in a tightly-sealed package where the eye patches were soaked in 6 ml of essence that contains diamond powder and platinum extract to illuminate the under eye area but preventing melanin production. It also contains of snow lotus and transamin for deep whitening as well as Vitamin E and Vitamin K for anti-aging.


Whether the ingredients worked or not, it didn’t really quite matter to me because the cooling hydrogel eye patch really helps in de-puff the eyes, making it appear less swollen or puffy. These are like pillows for the eyes!


And it’s quite an enjoyable and soothing experience to have something cooling under your eye area – it’s like placing a cold metal spoon under your eye area which lasted for more than 5 to 10 minutes.

After slapping on the eye masks right underneath my eye for about 20 minutes ( as recommended under the instructional guide printed on the back of the box), I find that the skin around my eye area looks brighter ( but not exactly whiter per say) but let’s just say this is exactly what I need to pamper my eyes after a long strenuous day at work. Whether you’re a female or male, your eyes will love this stuff.

The LoveMore eye patches series includes Platinum eye whitening patch,snail mucin eye repairing patch and collagen eye firming patch. I was hoping that I could try all three some time soon!


SexyLook is also hot on the stove with their new product launch, Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydrating System 4D mask. For me, one of the most starking features that comforted me as an environmentally-concerned blogger, is the use of Eco Pure Cotton Mask sheet that has this soft “cottony” texture. Talking about eco-friendly facial masks, SexyLook’s new range of 4D mask is one of the first environment-friendly sheet mask I’ve heard thusfar.


Comparing the 3D mask with this new 4D mask, there’s not much of a difference except that the 4D mask is more elastic and it fits and adheres better on the skin. With the stretchable Eco Pure cotton mask sheet, this double lifting masks practically hugs your skin quite snugly but with no tightness or discomfort.

I was also glad to know that the mask is infused with eco-certified Nano hyaluronic acid which could effortlessly penetrate into your skin in its most natural way. In addition to this, the mask is also infused with loofah and organic cactus extract to further hydrate your skin. The presence of marine collagen and chamomile extract aids in retaining skin’s moisture, thus keeping your skin soft an supple.

If you’ve read my previous post on my skincare routine, you would know that I live by the “moisturizing” mantra because keeping a healthy and youthful skin is all about plumping up your skin cells with water. And one of such ways is to use a facial mask on a weekly basis to allow your skin cells to get soaked and drenched with all the skin-benefiting ingredients.

Give LoveMore’s eye patch and SexyLook’s new 4D mask a try today!

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