The Forest of Green Abundance: Greenify Your Breakfast with Vital Greens and Vital Kids!

Being a semi-vegetarian surviving on a 70 percent fruits, vegetables and nuts diet, I’m glad to say that my body is taking it really well so far. And the juicing routine which I’ve been keeping it up to had provided me with the energy and nutrients I needed each day. In fact, I noticed that if I skip a day with my morning juice, I would feel less energetic throughout that particular day. If it hadn’t been for my morning power juice, I wouldn’t have the energy to get to the gym after work with the remaining energy to stay awake in the late evening to work on my blog. This is precisely why I no longer need to drink coffee in the morning. Green juice is the new ‘caffeine’ for my body.

But my juicing journey isn’t always very smooth because there were days where I didn’t have time to visit the local supermarkets to stock on fruits and vegetables. Worse still, there were also times where I woke out of bed, breaking in sweat and freaking out when I realized that I only had less than 30 minutes to get myself ready before stepping out to face the world. On those days, without my power juice, I felt really moody, sluggish and drained. My body was practically screaming, “I need my greens!”
Little did I know that help was on its way when the delivery man came right up to my doorstep with a box of Vital Greens and Vital Kids. (I’ve been anticipating the delivery of this long awaiting product!) It’s only then that I figured that I could always rely on natural supplements to get my daily intake of greens when time is scarce! Well, it’s good news for me, knowing that I didn’t have to juice everyday!

After getting myself ‘acquainted’ with Vital Greens, Australia’s number one selling super-food, I realized that Vital Greens is more than just a natural supplement. It’s a comprehensive powder-form supplement which consists of a blend of nutrient dense greens, vegetables, fruits,herbs, vitamins and minerals, powerful antioxidants,pre and probiotics that are essential for a healthy diet. I also really like the fact that it is wheat-free, gluten-free and dairy-free too. With no artificial colouring, sweeteners or whatsoever, this supplement is simply perfect for raw vegans too!
Vital Greens comes in a form of convenient travel-packs or sachets. Each sachet of 10 grams contains a whooping 76 vital ingredients including superfoods like wheatgrass! Juicing wheatgrass can sometimes be of a hassle besides, not every local supermarket here sells wheatgrass. And because of that, Vital Greens will receive an extra thumbs-up from me!


The carefully balanced blend of the 76 ingredients are proportioned correctly to provide optimum nutrient levels to aid in detoxification, digestion, intestinal health and immunity. It also improves one’s vitality and energy levels. All you will need is one sachet of Vital Greens per day and you’re good to go for a great head-start right at the start of each day!

Read more about its benefits here!


It is recommended to consume Vital Greens in the morning by dissolving 1 sachet of Vital Greens in 200 ml to 300 ml of water, non-acidic juice or milk. Since Vital Green is high in alkalinity with its high percentage of greens, it will be neutralized when it is mixed with any acidic substances.


The Taste Test

I’m not going to lie but Vital Greens, alone with water, didn’t taste very pleasant at all. I mean it’s understandable when raw vegetables, in the first place, didn’t taste any better either. There’s this dry burning aftertaste in my throat after taking a few sips of it. Since I didn’t want to ruin my appetite for breakfast, I figured that I could probably add Vital Greens into my green juice or smoothie. And guess what? It tasted so much better with apple juice or soya milk with bananas.


I wish I was a kid because kid’s supplements always tasted better with enhanced sweet fruity taste to ‘lure’ them into eating health supplements on a regular basis. Vital Kids, an all-in-one daily multi-nutrient which is carefully perfected for kids, is enhanced with a natural mixed berry flavour and sweetened with a natural organic sweetener, Thaumatin for a more appetizing taste. This supplement is made specially to provide kids aged 5 to 12 with nutritional support and energy during critical growth spurts.

When I first saw the printed words on the packaging which reads “including Brahmi”, I thought it was rather queer to have a food substance which has a name that sounds like the name of an Indian priest . Well, it turned out to be the name of a traditional Indian herb which has been clinically proven to boost memory, learning and concentration in children.

Like Vital Greens, Vital Kids are ideal for vegan and vegetarian kids. Hmmm… I wonder if kids could actually survive on a vegan or vegetarian diet? That would mean no McDonalds or KFC meals for them.


When mixed in water, Vital Kids also produces a greenish mixture similar to Vital Greens. This powdered-form of supplement could also be sprinkled over cereal, smoothie or yoghurt too. For me, I actually tested it out with banana soy smoothie and it turned out to be utterly delicious. Read this next post for the Vital Greens Banana Soy Smoothie recipe!

So,folks, whether you’re an adult or still trapped in a kid’s body, stay healthy by adding some greens to your meal each day. It’s even better if you could “greenify” your breakfast!


Each box of Vital Greens/Vital Kids contain 30 sachets.

Vital Greens is retailed at SGD 79.95 per box while Vital Kids is retailed at SGD 65.95.

Both Vital Greens and Vital Kids are available at Watsons, Guardian and Unity. 


Vital Greens and Vital Kids are both under the Vital Brand  and is manufactured by Martin Pleasance in Australia and exclusively distributed in Singapore by United Italian Trading Corporation Pte Ltd. 

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