The New Alternative Energy is Not Any New Material Science but, Us, Humans

We are cringe in fear whenever we watched a video on global warming or hear shocking news of both humans and animals suffering due to climate change. We were told that the solution to the current energy crisis is to lower our energy consumption and to stop wasting energy. Despite the current efforts and incentives place in motivating people to stop wasting energy, our energy consumption keeps skyrocketing and most of the energy consumption are wasted energy, as in energy that do not enhance our well-being in our daily lives. Guilty of not switching off the lights or fans when no one else is in the room? Imagine millions, like yourself, have, one way or another contributed to this energy wastage, the figures would have been enormous.

So the pertinent question,really, is this : What truly motivates us to start paying attention to our energy consumption and to stop wasting energy? Saving our electrical bill? Saving the Earth? Qualifying as a good citizen who cares the environment? None of these. In fact, the answer is revealed right here in this video below.

Aren’t we really queer? Aren’t we innately competitive?

Social or peer pressure is powerful beyond measure and interestingly, it can actually modify our behaviours. With this new interesting findings, I believe we can use this findings to our advantage and pave ways for ourselves to lead a better future on this earth. Instead of looking about alternative energy as a solution to our energy crisis, why not start by examining our ways of consuming energy? Stop wasting and start saving energy right now.

Let’s start comparing our electrical bills and checking our energy consumption on our phones today.
That would make saving energy a little more fun.

This is a weekly article contributed by Deenise Glitz for NRGLab, an alternative energy and science-driven company based in Singapore. Visit their website to find out more about their current energy projects.

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