Victoria’s Secret: Love is Heavenly [Eau De Parfum] – That Seductive Scent that Lingers On


With the change in weather and the sudden drop in temperature, everything seems a little gloomy these days when the endless pour of rain from the heavens. It has come to the time of the year where Sunny Singapore is experiencing some erratic wet-weather patterns during the cooler periods of the year. With the sky looking so gloomy, my mood was also slightly dampened with this sudden drain of energy in me. I was feeling more emotional than usual and vulnerable – in particular, vulnerable to the scents that spelt love.

I wasn’t looking for any fragrance in particular but I was compelled to enter Victoria’s Secret’s va-va voom girlish-pink boutique that ‘radiates’ out a sweet,mellow and attractive mix of scents. Since I haven’t done any fragrance-shopping for quite some time, I thought that maybe it’s time for me to try out a new scent that would ‘freshen’ up the air that I breathe.

Then I came across one of Victoria’s Secret series of Eau de Parfums that left me a deep impression with its spicy and musky notes that lingered on my skin for hours. Strangely, I had no idea why I was so attracted to this musky scent that smells of cologne or men’s perfume but it’s truly unique in way that it has a nice blend of fruity floral notes with the dark and woody notes. To others, this fragrance might be a little too sharp or musky but to me, this scent smells amazingly sexy and flirtatious.

The next day, I went into another Victoria’s Secret outlet to purchase a bottle of Victoria’s Secret Love is Heavenly perfume. This perfume encapsulates more than love and romance for it has this subtle hint of joy and blissfulness that could lift you up into the heavens.

Launched in April 2012 
Top notes: 
Kiwi splashes, dewberry, orange zest, mandarin flowers
Middle notes: 
Water lily, freesia, peony, exotic orchids
Dry-down notes: 
Sandalwood, luminous musk, mahogany wood, ebony wood

It’s lasting power is quite impressive and this can be explained by the presence of the several woody notes like ebony and mahogany wood used as the base notes. When sprayed into the skin, the top notes open up in a rush with the outburst of citrus and other fruity scents. This is immediately followed by the middle notes, where the floral scent of water lily, freesia and peony blossoms gradually. In essence, this represents the heart of the perfume. After an hour or so, the layers of scents were stripped away, revealing the base notes which faithfully remained attached to the skin for the next few hours. Thought the musky and soft woody notes may embodies masculinity, it isn’t too overpowering that would leave you smelling like a man.


Perhaps the reason why I was so drawn to this scent is because I’m attracted to the scent of cologne. Essentially, men use colognes because the scent of it attracts women. But I wouldn’t want to spray cologne on myself that would make me smell really masculine. Rather, I like a slight hint of the woody and powdery notes in perfumes so that the perfume will not smell too overly sweet and fruity which might repel some men who didn’t like sweet scent. The hue of woodiness in the perfume also draws the personal distance closer as men might find this scent more comfortable and familiar.


Whatever the reason it might be, this scent stood out from my collection of fruity floral scents with its seductive element. Maybe I’ve grown out of girlish type of scents and perhaps that is why I’m now venturing into more mature-smelling scents.

Time doesn’t stood still. 
Neither do our personality, character,taste nor scent.

Love is Heavenly ( SGD 84)
2.5 oz.

My current signature scent.

Love is dynamic.

 Love is Heavenly is from Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels collection.

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