Air Connection: A House Visit by the Doctors of Air-Cons!

While other countries that lies far off from the equator enjoys the natural cool breeze in autumn and winter, countries which experience tropical weather like Singapore could only enjoy a ‘cool weather’ under artificial environments. To put off the immense heat, we would turn up our aircons just so we can enjoy a cool blast of air across our face. It isn’t just about the warmth we experienced from the sun but also the high humidity levels in Singapore which make our skin feels ultra sticky and damp. I think most of us would just melt under the sweltering heat if not for the invention of air conditioners.

However, overtime with long subsequent usage of the air conditioners, some parts of the equipment might turn faulty or requires thorough cleaning. The air-con is one of such home appliances which requires regular maintenance and servicing from professional experts in carrying out such services. This is because a well-serviced air con is more dependable, energy-efficient,energy-saving  and has a longer lifespan.Regular air-con servicing also ensures that potential problems get curbed before they get worsened and cause a breakdown to the equipment. Having your air-con checked and service on a regular basis is a cost-saving practice! Just think, would you rather spend a hundred or so on servicing your air-con or to fork out a thousand over dollars to purchase a new air-con? To ensure your air-con is working fine, you will need to hire a reliable and reputable ‘doctor’ to get its ‘health status’ checked.

This machine is used to vacuum the aircon blower wheels so that you get to enjoy a cleaner and fresh air when you turn on the air-con.

Only recently, about a week ago, I had this opportunity to do a review for an air-con servicing company called Air Connection. I’ve arranged for them to come over to my house during the evening to service all the air-con units in the bedrooms. They are quite flexible with the timings which was great because I wasn’t always home during the day.


The professional air-con technicians from Air connection were very punctual. They actually arrived slightly earlier than the arranged time! And when they arrived, they did a very clean,thorough and swift job of servicing all the air-con units in my house.

Air Connection’s aircon Servicing includes: 
  • Checking of wire connections
  • Clearing of drainage pipe to prevent water leakage
  • Checking of air conditioner’s operating system
  • Opening and washing of air filter and cover
  • Checking for noise problems and of safety circuits
  • Checking for water leakage
  • Cleaning of cooling coil

We all agreed that it’s time for us to change our air-con units!

My Dad said that our air-cons have been serviced since 7 years ago! No wonder we encounter so many problems with our air-cons! Occasionally, there would be noise generated from the air-con or water leaking from the air-con unit itself. In fact, the technician recommended that we should get out air-cons serviced once every three to four months.


They brought along all their necessary tools and equipment with them! Including their mini ladder too! So you don’t really have to provide them with anything else besides an area for them to wash the air-con parts.


Two well-experienced air-con technicians deployed to service the air-cons. One did the maintenance and checking while the other did the cleaning of the air-con parts. My Dad was saying that unlike other air-con contractors from other companies, Air Connection actually did a very thorough cleaning job of washing the cool coil, air filter and cover. And thankfully, they didn’t dirtied our toilets if not my Mum would be hopping mad!

My mum was also glad that they manage to find solution to stop the noise generating from the air-con unit in my brother’s room. And she was like, ” Woah! You’re so clever!” I never knew my mum would be so amazed by these little miscellaneous miracles happening around us. But, anyway, our air-con worked miraculously well since that night because our rooms get cools faster with a well-serviced air-con that works more efficiently. With lesser energy consumed by the air-con, our home energy consumption will be reduced along with a reduction in electricity bills, I hope!


Within 45 minutes, they checked all of our air-con to ensure it’s working well again. In a jiffy, all the air-cons are now blasting cool fresh air with less noise. They got me to sign a receipt and left promptly. I like it when the job is done well and promptly!

Have you got your air-con serviced and checked today? 
Do it quickly before it causes more pertinent problems.
Air Connection also provides air-con installation and repair services.
Air Connection
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Singapore 409570
Tel: +65 96374287
Operating hours:
Monday to Saturday: 9am – 6pm
Closed on Sunday
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