Ambi Pur Air Effects Spray: A Burst of Freshness in the Air


Smelling pleasant and refreshing scents can really do wonders to make you a happier person. You can’t help but to feel more at ease and calm when you are in a room filled with a soothing scent like lavender and vanilla. Scents could really affect the wiring in our brains which in turn influences the way we feel.
This is the very reason that I love scents because sniffing natural/artificial aldehydes excites my sense of smell and keeps my mood lifted. Thus, there’s every reason as to why I should have a bottle of air freshener in my room. I’ve always wanted to own one but I just couldn’t find a scent that I love. I knew I could always purchase those great smelling essential oil-based room fresheners to make my room smell like roses and dewberry but they are costly and more importantly, these natural scents on its own does not eliminate odour. I’m not in bid of a disastrous fragrance contamination where the bad smells intertwine with the nice-smelling scents.
Essentially, the question is: Are there great smelling air fresheners sold available in the market that has the powerful ability to eliminate bad odours? Answer? There are such products around.You can bet it with Ambi Pur’s Air Effects Spray that knocks you right off your feet with its amazing ability to neutralize unpleasant smells. I had the chance to witness the powerful effects of Ambi Pur’s Air Effects Spray when I was trapped in a tiny enclosed room with durian husks, a pile of soiled clothes and socks and some other items which is meant to be placed in the dumps. Even with all these ‘rubbish’ in the room, the air still smelt strongly of lavender and vanilla. When I was first asked how the room smelt like, I replied “Crème brûlée”.


Both Ambi Pur Air Effects Spray New Zealand Springs and Lavender Vanilla retails at 
 SGD 6.90 each.

I couldn’t believe my nose. Is my nose tricking me? How it is possible for the scent able to last that long and was still able to mask the bad odours? I knew I had to test it out for myself to eliminate the possibility that all these were a gimmick. True enough, I was spellbound by how the scent of New Zealand spring was able to quickly fill up the toilet with a burst of freshness despite after having deposited a pile of waste into the toilet bowl. You get the idea, so I’m not going anywhere close to explain what I meant. Inspired by New Zealand’s glacier-carved streams and verdant vistas, the light and agreeable scent of New Zealand Springs has to be one of my favourite scents which invokes the imagery of an ultra clean room.
Ambi Pur Air Effects Spray comes in two different fragrances: Lavender Vanilla and New Zealand Springs. Can’t decided which scent to buy? I say, go the universal-friendly scent – New Zealand Springs. You will never go wrong with this clean and green scent.

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