Beauty Cleanse: Juicing Cleanse 101 and My 5-Day Juice Detox Challenge

Inspired by raw food eating and Joe Cross’ Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead documentary, I’ve been always wanted to go on juice fast. Oh, wait. Did I just hear you saying what juice fast is exactly all about? It’s basically going on a fast without any solid or processed food and only depending on fresh fruits and vegetable juices for the daily nutritional and calorie intake. 
I can read your mind. Why on earth would anyone go on juice fast? Aren’t you torturing yourself and being too extreme here? Feasting on natural and fresh juices which have a chock full of vitamins,enzymes and antioxidants isn’t exactly torturing your body. Instead, it is a nutritious way of bringing your body to its clean and natural state. Some call such this juice fast a reboot programme while others call it a juice cleansing programme but I call this a juice rejuvenation programme. During the juice cleanse, the juices which are extracted from the nature will help to bring your body back to balance.
You must be crazy to go on a juice fast.
Let’s admit it. We aren’t exactly ‘eating clean’ while we are consuming alot of processed food each day. Be it a chicken breast salad or pumpkin soup, the meat and the soup stock could have contained preservatives and other chemicals. That’s is why the health junkies and juice addicts (like myself) are crazy over juice fast. In addition, our body absorbs far more nutrients from drinking juice than from eating food. 
I’ve tried going on juice fast before but was succumbed to temptations after one day drinking only juices. My body was craving for solid food so I broke the fast and ate bananas. I figured that maybe I could have taken some form of a supplements which would probably help suppress some of my cravings as I do know that those who are on a raw food diet or juice fast do actually take supplements to meet their daily nutritional requirements. It’s only natural for your body to crave for certain food which contains a specific type of nutrient your body is lacking of. True indeed, our body is THAT intelligent. 
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Beauty Cleanse
Oh well, but I guess the universe has sensed by heartfelt desires as I was recently introduced to Beauty Cleanse, the first and only Juice Cleansing company in Singapore that provides 100% organic and raw freshly cold-pressed juices. Beauty Cleanse specialized providing Nutritionist Designed Fresh Organic juice cleansing programs which aims to assist in weight loss, improved complexion and most importantly to promote and support a healthier diet and lifestyle. 

Beauty Cleanse’s juices are all nutritionally designed by Cherie Calbom who is a famous nutritionist consultant and juice cleanse expert to many celebrities and companies in U.S. She has written 21 books related to juice cleanses and health. Thus, be rest assured that these juices from Beauty Cleanse are both safe,well-balanced and nutritious for your overall health.

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What’s the big DEAL about it being 100% organic?
It mounts up to a really big deal even if you are not an environmentalist or a raw foodist.Where juicing is concern, it’s definitely much better if organic fruits and vegetables are used. You wouldn’t want to be drinking a glass of juice which is concentrated with pesticides and other toxins, would you? That is why juice masters or juicing experts usually recommend people to juice organic fruits and vegetables.
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What are cold-pressed juices?
If you’re not a health addict or a raw foodie, cold-pressed juices might sound something new to you. Cold-pressed juices is produced using a cold-press juicer. It is a pretty new juice extraction method where juices are first extracted by crushing and pressing cut fruits and vegetables in a manner where little heat is produced. As compared to centrifugal juicers which are run by a powerful motor, cold-pressed juicers produced a higher juice yield with most of the nutrients and enzymes left intact. This is because centrifugal juicers, (similar to the one I’m using right now), produces a lot of heat which may cause the degradation of enzymes during the juice extraction process. That’s science for you. And at Beauty Cleanse,they are using The Norwalk Juice Presser to extract cold-pressed juice with life-infusing nutrients for the optimal removal of toxins in the body.
Okay, so wouldn’t it be easier if I just purchase a cold-pressed juicer so that I can juice anytime I want?

Yes, you could but cold-pressed juicers are generally more expensive than centrifugal juicers. For me, I just couldn’t afford a cold-pressed juicer for nuts. Let alone the Hurom’s slow juicers which caused about SGD600 in Singapore. Besides, I’m the only one in the family who drinks freshly-squeezed juices regularly so it isn’t quite work out to be cost-effective for me to buy such an expensive juicer for domestic use. 
If you are a regular juicer like myself, you would understand that juicing can be somewhat of a hassle. You don’t have to visit the grocery to buy fresh and organic produce, spend money on buying a cold-pressed juicer and washing the juicer! So,why not engaged services from a juicing company like Beauty Cleanse where their passionate team could extract fresh juices for you and packaged it into nice clear plastic bottles like the ones shown below?
Miranda Kerr drinks green smoothie every morning which had helped her to achieve beautiful skin. Doesn’t green smoothies worked as well to detoxify the body?
Not quite because green smoothies are high in pulp which requires the digestive system to exert more energy into breaking down the pulp for absorption. During the detoxification process, you would want your digestive system to really go on a ‘vacation’ so that it could divert the energy to absorb all the essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals and enzymes for the complete healing and renewal of your cells. I mean, your digestive system deserves a break after sloughing so hard for your body.Take a break, have some juice! You’d be glad to know that Beauty Cleanse’s juices are pulp-free!
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When I was asked whether if I would like to go for the 3-Day or 5-Day juice cleanse programme by Beauty Cleanse, I stated that I would go for the 5-Day juice cleanse programme without any hesitation. There isn’t any kick if I chose the 3-Day programme right? And if Beauty Cleanse offers a 30-Day juice cleanse programme, I would definitely take it!
Beauty Cleanse offered cleanse plans such as  Skinny Genes, Beauty Boost, Bride-Me-Up, reboot packages and other juicing range. Since I’m working on shedding off the kilos, I opted for 5-Day Skinny Genes with supplements. Hopefully, I get through this juice cleanse with a breeze with the help of the supplements!
To motivate and push myself further, I decided that I should take this juice cleanse programme as a challenge! I know it’s going to be tough not chewing and munching on any solid food for 5 days but meanwhile do check out the fantastic juice cleanse plans and juice ranges from Beauty Cleanse!
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For further enquiries, please contact Beauty Cleanse at +65 9371 7949 or email to

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