Endless Summer Pool Party @ W Singapore, Sentosa Cove

It was my very first time (hope it isn’t the last time) entering the grounds of Sentosa Cove, an exclusive zone on Sentosa Island where the rich and famous dwells. For an ordinary city-dweller like myself who rather explore Bintan island then to visit Sentosa, this other sunny part of Singapore is a total knock-out for me. Who would have think that Sentosa Cove could actually look this fantastic? It’s manicured lawns, artificial-grown plants,clear blue sky and fresh dose of oxygen is beckoning me to come back again. It’s nice to just get away from the cramp city settings without spotting crowds of people on the street. Oh… that calmness and serenity. How I miss this feeling of getting away and travelling to a far-far-away place? 
But anyway, the reason why I was there at Sentosa Cove was to attend a pool party at W Singapore, Sentosa Cove with my fellow Ana Shell Media correspondent, Candice. Upon the invitation on Stephane Fabregoul, through Ana Shell ( our boss!), we get to just unwind and let our hair down (to be blown in the wind) at W Singapore’s ENDLESS Summer. Thankfully, we don’t have to whip out our cameras and get ourselves armed with a notebook and a pen because that particular Sunday afternoon was a time of retreat and relax.

We hopped onto this W Singapore shuttle bus from Vivocity. With this free shuttle bus, I would have probably no idea as to how I could get myself physically be here. Not unless, I’ve a pair of wings to fly! As most Singaporeans would say, Sentosa Cove is really ‘ulu’! ( Ulu is a malay word which literally means remote.)

We were there early so we chilled at the lounge area, snapping selfies. It’s one of the best way to kill time without looking dead like a fish and zoning out in space while sitting down.
WOO hoo! That’s our drink coupons which Mr.Fabregoul has got us! Nice guy, really!
The guests were entitled to a free drink at Woo Bar. However, we were not given drink coupons at the registration counter. And just when we realize that we actually need drink coupons to redeem our free drinks, I spotted Mr. Stephane Fabregoul in his fedora or the so-called ‘Bruno Mars’ summer hat! We were contemplating if we should walk over to say a ‘hi’ and thank him for the invitation. But since we’re here when Mr. Fabregoul appeared, it must really be fate that we get to meet him in personal. Okay, by now, you might be wondering who Mr.Fabregoul is, right? He’s the General Manager of W Singapore. Sweet! So Candice, the girl with the bravest soul, took the lead and went over to introduce herself first before I do. Ahh, I need to muster up more courage next time… to approach the big figures. Sometimes their air and presence of the well-respected people just scares me. Anyway, he seemed approachable, down-to-earth and has a great sense of humour. We are afterall humans, right? 

Cosy cushioned-seats at the W Singapore’s lounge area

Balloons! And lots and lots of them!

Hey Mr. DJ! Put the record on!

We were like ‘WOW’! This is just not any normal pool party. This is a seriously huge pool party with food,drinks and cool music!

I wouldn’t mind lazing here all afternoon…perhaps reading my favourite book. I’ve been missing out alot on reading. Hopefully, I would be able to do more catching up in my reading during the upcoming holidays.

Why oh why? But the sky here is simply beautiful beyond words. It’s highly likely that one would be able to watch the stars and constellations from here where the sky is so clear.

I didn’t notice the massive bulk of balloons enclosed in the nettings tied to the two tall palm trees! Maybe they will send a monkey up the tree to snap the strings… It would be cool to have colourful balloons raining on you. Talking about adding some colours to your life!

The mode of transport for the peeps with cash-overflowing bank accounts. I don’t think I have ever stayed on a Yacht before but wouldn’t it be really nice and romantic to do so on a date, wedding anniversary or honeymoon?

Candice and I regretted for not bringing out swimsuits over. The sun was beating down on us and the both of us felt the urge to just dip ourselves in the pool. Okay, Candice, let’s wait for the next pool party!

Do you know what’s a swim-up bar? Instead of walking to the bar to get your tequila, you would need to swim towards the bartender at the swim-up bar to order your drinks. And it’s swim-up bar is located right below this observatory deck where I was standing to take photos. That’s a smashing crazy idea, isn’t it? Having creative bites and sipping cocktails while soaking yourself in the pool. I call that the Hi-life.

The pool area is huge too! Okay, I’m really running out of words to describe the immensity of excitement I had while I was at Endless Summer.

Every angle of this place is picture perfect with the natural lighting and a happy photographer behind her iPhone.

We finally got our cocktails which was refreshing but contains a high alcohol content that almost knocked me out. I was a quarter-drunk while sitting on the shuttle bus back to Vivocity.

I’ve been good and it’s been the longest time ever since I drank alcohol. Maybe I should have ordered a fruit punch instead.

 We took a quick shot with Stephane Fabregoul before rushing off for our next appointments.
The good life always promptly, even before you actually get to savour and enjoy those blissful moments.
Ta-ta for now! 

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