FIDé Fashion Weeks 2013: Atelier Chardon Savard Workshop


In addition to the series of fashion shows by various Asian and French couturier, there is also a fashion workshop presented by Atelier Chardon Savard, a French fashion design institute from Paris. 
I later came to know that Atelier Chardon Savard was established in 1988 by Dominque Savard and Cyrille Chardon who are both husband and wife. They had combined their last names and added the word ‘atelier’ which means workshop in French, that literally would be translates as ‘a workshop by Chardon and Savard’. True it is, Atelier Chardon Savard is not just any fashion design school but a creative playground where designers could unleash their creative potential and talent based on Dominique Savard’s pedagogy on fashion design and applied arts.
That evening’s Atelier Chardon Savard workshop was held at Marina Bay Sands Convention centre, in the Crystal ballroom that glitters in glamour with its 27 Swarovski crystal-made chandeliers. I chose to be seated right in front, on cushioned chairs surrounding the makeshift platform, waiting in excitement for the fashion workshop to begin where I could probably learn about a thing or two about haute couture. Coming from a science background, I knew nuts about the fashion industry and not to talk about haute couture ( or high fashion), a French term referring to the art of custom-fitted garments. While for many other who isn’t quite into fashion, like myself, I associate haute couture to quirky and out-of-the-world type of fashion that is not made wearable for most people on the streets.
That evening’s workshop had a good-turn out of the audience with the appearance of Celebrity fashion stylist, Jeannie Mai with fashion designers Julien Fourné and Yumi Katsura. Little did I know that most of the crowd were fashion design students from the various local fashion design schools who came dressed in their nines, and were all ears to listen what Jean Paul Cauvin, the speaker of this event, had to share about the landmarks and history of Haute Couture.
Jean Paul Cauvin, who is the chief operating officer Julien Fournié and lecturer at Atelier Chardon Savard workshop, gave us great insights and details about the inspiring figures who played a part in shaping the development of Haute couture. It was quite a mind-boggling session where I had to rack my brains and think hard to register all the facts and information about haute couture. It was too much information for my brain to process in one single session but for Jean Paul Cauvin, the recounts of the various couturier and fashion designers is one beautiful story which is close to his heart where he wouldn’t mind sharing this timeless story even for a thousand times. And his enthusiasm and passion for fashion has really rubbed onto me as I am beginning to see the sparkle in haute couture.
Coming from a science background, I didn’t quite understood the lingua and terms used in the fashion industry but I could feel the passion and energy the way Jean Paul delivered his speeches about the pioneers of Haute couture starting from the Godfather of Haute couture,Charles Frederick Worth.
His comprehensive lecture is followed by a Q and A session and an exclusive fashion show by the fashion design students of Atelier Chardon Savard. This fashion show is a collective show featuring five collections by the 6 designers who were specially chosen by Atelier Chardon Savard to present their collections during FIDé Fashion Weeks 2013. The designers are : Nofar Gabrieli, Guillaume Hernandez and Ornella Mercadante, Elie Grandjean, Timothé Grand-Chavin and Soleyanne Baland
. It must be pretty exciting for the six of them to be presenting their work overseas, in Singapore, an uprising fashion hub in South-East Asia.

My favourite collection out of the five has got to be Colourful Men by Nofar Gabrieli. It’s bright, vibrant, colourful with lots of pocketful of sunshine. The attention-grabbing swirl of highly-contrasted colours will lifts up the mood and atmosphere. I could imagine that any guy wearing Nofar Gabrieli’s clothes from the Colourful Men collection would feel somewhat more happier. I am already anticipating for ‘Colourful Women’ collection to be up in the future (if it’s part of the blueprint).


Before the workshop, he greeted everyone seated in the front row with a warm handshake. That was such a nice gesture to come by and greet one another with a friendly word of bonjour.

“Comment ça va ?”


I remembered that Jean Paul got emotional at some point when talking about a particular fashion designer who made a huge sacrifice for fashion. His eyes was teary as he started to speak with a trembling voice.


Can you spot where Yumi Katsura is sitting among the crowd?

(Front row, right-hand side)


Dominique Chardon is a firm believer that creativity could be taught and spurred in one’s mind.


Fashion Show by Fashion Design students of Atelier Chardon Savard

Elie Grandjean

Going East



Timothé Grand-Chavin
Glory to Women


Nofar Gabreli

Colourful Men


Soleyanne Baland

Inner Lights

Trust them




( Photos by Deenise Glitz. All images are unedited.) 

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