FIDé Fashion Weeks 2013: Burkman Bros – The Berms,Sandals,American Jerseys and Alex Minsky

This year is a pretty exciting year with so many fashion event taking place here in Singapore. All these fashion showcases has definitely help to elevate Singapore’s status as a fashion capital hub in Asia. 
One of the biggest prestigious fashion event happening this year is FIDé Fashion Weeks 2013, a fashion extravaganza which showcases collections from several well-known fashion designers across Asia, as well as USA and France. 

FIDé Fashion Weeks 2013 kicks off in Singapore last week at
Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre with featured fashion shows by Pierre
Balmain and Bread & Butter.

This exciting fashion event creates Singapore and Asia’s
first complete fashion season, where Men’s Prêt-à-Porter, Women’s Prêt-a-porter
and the Couture collections will be presented through one spectacular offering.
Over the course of 11 days (from 9 October to 19 October 2013), guests will be
enthralled with the fashion pieces created by the world’s most iconic and
outstanding designers.

FIDé Fashion Weeks is the only Haute Couture Week held outside of Paris to feature couturiers endorsed by La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. These remarkable fashion weeks have not only helped to position Singapore as a global fashion city state but also serve as a great platform for blossoming local designers to showcase their work.

Last Friday, on behalf of Ana Shell Media Press, I attended the Burkman Bros. fashion showcase which features their collection of men’s casual wear that marries rugged everyday looks with preppy effortless styling. Behind this New York-based label is this 2 entrepeneurial Canadian brothers, Doug and Ben Burkman who believes in designing clothes are they themselves would want to wear. True enough, their collection did spelt out their carefree personality and honest personality.


Right after Burkman Bros’ fashion show was the music showcase by G-Dragon, also known as Kwon Ji Yong, a South Korean singer and rapper who is also the leader of the famous Korean boyband group, BigBang. This 25-year-old multi-talented artiste has attracted a huge crowd of screaming fans who came all ready with their idol posters and light sticks. G-Dragon’s presence has certainly liven up the atmosphere at FIDé Fashion Weeks 2013 with the sheer excitement in the crowd. 
Right after the G-Dragon had performed, he was seen seated in the VIP front row seats during the subsequent fashion shows. Maybe I should have have stayed on for the rest of the show so that I would be able to catch a glimpse of him!


G-Dragon’s mob of fans were ushered into the fashion runway seating area before they proceeded on to the next exhibition space to catch their idol’s performances.


Ahh…yes! The show is finally about to begin after waiting for about 45 minutes.

Day 4 of FIDé Fashion Weeks 2013

Burkman Bros
( Mens Prêt-à-Porter)


The opening of the Burkman Bros’ show welcomes Alex Minsky,
a former US-marine-turned- model, who was clad in a striped men’s jacket with a
bright bold red bermudas. Best known for his ripped physique, which is
covered in a myriad of tattoos, this 24-year-old model has been also recognized
by many as an inspirational figure. He lost his right leg in Afghanistan after
his truck ran over an explosive, which put him in a 47-day coma. Even with his
prosthetic leg, he was still able to strut the walkway with no difficulty at
all. The audiences clapped and cheered as he walked down the fashion runway in


In this mens Prêt-à-Porter show by Burkman Bros, there is a
creative play of patterns like stripes and polka dots with stark contrast of
bright youthful colours against the basic colours of grey, white and khaki. The
coloured prints made the outfit looked youthful,fun and unpretentious which is
made suitable for any casual occasions.

Spongebob squarepants spotted! Polka-dotted pants is a statement piece in this collection as several models are seen pairing this shorts with slightly jerseys and shirts.


Lastly, this Spring/Summer 2014 collection by Burkman Bros
ended in Hawaiian style as the male models walked down the runway in lei
printed graphic tee with coloured shorts.

This article was written by Deenise Glitz. It is also published on Ana Shell Media Press.
Photos by Deenise Glitz. All images are unedited.

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