Greenzilla : Delicious and Healthy Green Vegetarian Burgers for All Green Monsters


After Frunatic has moved out of The Star Vista mall, I was in utter sadness and regret that I haven’t got to try the raw food from Frunatic before it has moved out. With limited vegan/vegetarian eateries in the west, it’s really difficult for me to find a place to hangout and indulge on healthy food. Now, with Frunatic gone, I thought there would be no more vegan food outlets left at Star Vista until I met ‘Greenzilla’! You bet that I was over the moon when I met this green and friendly ‘monster’, which isn’t that huge to begin with, but sufficient to churn out something healthy and green for my tummy.

Despite its petite size, I call this the monster green burger factory that made one of the most sumptuous vegetarian tofu burgers.It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s the one of the best-tasting burgers or not because what matters most is that the burgers made fresh and it doesn’t add much burden to your heart.


At Greenzilla, they do sell salads,soups,drinks and healthy sides besides burgers. But I’m not too keen on their sides and soups as the portion seemed really small. What’s really good at Greenzilla is their signature juicy burgers like Tofu fusion burger and Spices underground burger.

However, at Greenzilla, you can only do a takeaway since their stall seating area could only accommodate about 5 to 6 people. But since there is a bigger,comfortable and airy seating area right outside of Cold Storage, my non-vegetarian friend and I had decided to dine there. 


Our take-away Greenzilla boxes.

I ordered Tofu fusion burger is served with coleslaw as well as the soup of the day, broccoli soup.


The broccoli soup tasted quite alright but the most appalling thing is the serving of the soup. The amount I was served was only like half a cup of broccoli soup. A little on the miserable side but I guess it’s probably due the reasonably cheap price of $2.50 I have paid for. What you pay for is what you get!

You got it, Greenzilla! I’ve “instagrammed” your tofu fusion burger!

I thought that a burger which costs only SGD5.90 with coleslaw was a pretty good deal. But it isn’t really a good deal when all I saw was 2 tablespoonful of coleslaw in a tiny sauce container, placed right in the disposable take-away box.


But thankfully, their Tofu fusion burger was surprisingly so good that I could dismiss the small portion of my sides from my mind. Geez, I felt like having one now as I’m typing…

Essentially, the well-marinated tofu with an appetizing and flavourful BBQ sauce together with the fluffy handmade-charcoal bun is what really make this burger really pops, in terms of taste.


My non-vegetarian friend,who can’t bear not to eat meat,also gave a thumbs-up after trying their minizilla set which comes in a set of 3 different types of mini burgers – Tofu fusion, Herbshrooms and Royal mushrooms.

I hope there will be more items in the menu though. Because I’m a green monster and I need to eat more greens to feel full!


Stay green and healthy!

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