Ramen Champion @Bugis+ Singapore: Ramen Big Eater Challenge 2013 + Food Tasting

I must have been missing out on the ramen-eating scene in Singapore. This Japanese soup-based noodles has created a food craze among Singaporeans with its sudden sprout in numbers of ramen restaurants and stalls here in Singapore.And if you’re a ramen fanatic, you would have stumbled across this restaurant called Ramen Champion which runs on an interesting concept of helping consumers in to find the best-selling ramen cooked by ramen champion chefs.

Ramen Champion is basically a ramen food outlet which offer various Japanese Ramen brands for diners to choose from. And each year, the members of the public will vote for the ultimate Ramen champion. This year, Ikkousha was crowned as the champion with it’s best-selling ramen – pork-based Hakata-style ramen. You don’t have to go around hunting for the best ramen when Ramen Champion brings you one of the best ramen you could possibly enjoy in Singapore.

To expand on the idea of food amusement and challenge in Singapore, Ramen Champion has decided to hold a competitive ramen eating contest where the contestants will outwit each other based on the number of bowls of ramen they can eat from the new Tonkotsu ramen brands, Mendokoro Aoi and Tonkotsu Itto from Japan. The qualifying round is now over but do look out for the final round which will be held on 14th November 2013 (Thursday), from 3 pm to 5 pm at Ramen Champion @ Great World City.


I wasn’t able to witness the Ramen Big Eater Challenge which took place earlier that day but I was invited for an exclusive food tasting session where we get to stomach some ramen at Ramen Champion ( Bugis+ outlet).


Prawn Dipping Sauce with Cracker (SGD4.00) from Mendokoro Aoi
I was a little disappointed by how this side dish was presented.Are those Meiji biscuit crackers sold at the supermarket? But luckily, the prawn dipping sauce saves the day with it’s creamy explosion of seafood taste.


Special Tonkotsu Ramen (SGD16.50) from Tonkotsu Itto

I’m loving the handmade noodles but I’m just not too sure about the broth that didn’t quite live up to its name.


Tonkotsu-Ramen Champion (SGD16.50) from Mendokoro Aoi

In comparison, I am more agreeable with Mendokoro Aoi’s Broth where it is salty but flavourful with its mild spicy flavour that adds a little kick to the ramen.


Goyza (SGD6.00) from Tonkotsu Itto


Chashu Carpaccio (SGD7.00)(sliced chashu salad) from Mendokoro Aoi


Garlic Butter Potato (SGD5.00) from Mendokoro Aoi


Deep-fried Tofu with Japanese Sauce (SGD4.00) from Mendokoro Aoi


Sukiyaki Buns (SGD3 each) from Buta God
The side dishes from Mendokoro Aoi and Buta God were pretty appetizing and delicious but I’ve yet to try the champion ramen prepared by the champion ramen chef.
 I’m waiting.

201 Victoria Street
Bugis+ #04 – 10
Singapore 188067
(Near BUGIS MRT Station)
Tel: +65 6238 1011
Opens daily from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm

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