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Regina: Ultrasonic Skin Renewal – The Japanese-style Facial


” Would you like to try our ultrasonic skin renewal facial which is pain-free?” she asked.

“How could facial possibly be painless with all extractions?” I replied in disbelief.

She immediately replied, ” We don’t do extractions here. We use ultrasonic facial machine to cleanse the pores.”

Consultation area: Before undergoing any treatments, all clients will be asked to fill up a personal particulars form. The beauty consultant will also have a little chat with you to find out what are your needs and concerns.

If it’s true that the whole facial process is painless, I’m all for it! Facials, like other spa treatments and massage, is a time when you subject your skin to ultimate pampering and it would be even better if the extraction step wasn’t that painful. I personally do regular facials but I dislike the extraction part where my beauty therapist will inflict a substantial amount of pain on my skin to make me cringe and sweat sometimes. Though the extraction step is often deemed as a necessary step to purge out all the black and white heads stuck in the pores, I often wish that there are some other alternative method to cleanse the pores deeply. Well, maybe the ultrasonic facial machine could be the next best alternative?


I was invited to do reviews on the various beauty treatments offered at Regina and I chose their ultrasonic skin renewal facial treatment as well as their body contouring treatment which I will be doing it in about a week’s time. Their outlet at Wheelock Place was small but well-equipped with all the machines available for all types of beauty treatments, in particular the IPL hair removal services, which Regina is well-known for.


Since Regina’s birth place was in Japan, all the beauty treatments here were done in the Japanese way – clean and simple. Hygiene is the topmost priority in Japanese culture which is why a plastic clear mat was used to line the salon beds so that it could be easily cleanse and sterilized after each use. It’s an interesting concept exercised here which are not done at other beauty salons.

During the ultrasonic skin renewal facial, my skin was first cleansed before the ultrasonic cleansing step, where the high frequency vibrations generated from the ultrasonic cleansing machine are used to purge out all the impurities such as white heads, black heads and dirty from the pores. There’s isn’t any pain except for the vibrations and high-pitched squeaky sound generated by the machine. This deep cleansing step is followed by the application of collagen serum using the ultrasonic machine to help a deeper and more effective penetration of the collagen molecules right in the skin. Again, there will be a slight tingling sensation due to the ultrasound waves than hits upon your skin.

Finally, the whole facial ends with a cooling whitening mask. And overall, the whole facial experience took place within an hour. Unlike other facials done in other salons, there was no facial massage and extraction step being done here. Regina’s japan-trained beautician explained that the beauty salons in Japan don’t do extractions either. And for Japanese women, having fair and supple youthful-looking skin is what defines a true beauty. That probably explains why Regina uses collagen serum and a whitening mask during facials. It’s really interesting to know how beauty can vary across different cultures!

Whitening Mask, a soft clay mask to brighten and illuminate the skin.

But if you had asked several experienced beauticians here, they are most likely to tell you that extraction is an essential step in facials because it is the only method of removing black and white heads most effectively. I believe that  ultrasonic facial machine can remove dead skin cells and impurities in the pores, provided that your pores are not badly clogged up in the first place. Unfortunately, there probably isn’t any alternative to the extraction step.

If you have a great skin to begin with and is looking for a simple facial just for maintenance of your current skin condition, this ultrasonic skin renewal would be a great option for you. For me, the ultrasonic therapy using collagen serum is highly effective because my skin felt more supple and ‘bouncy’ after undergoing two sessions of the ultrasonic skin renewal facial at Regina outlet in Wheelock Place.

Want to experience the Japanese-style of facial treatment? Try it here at Regina.

For more information, visit Regina website or their Facebook page.
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