ShareKool: A Mobile Application Where Sharing Can Be Real Cool

What is ShareKool?
ShareKool is the latest mobile application which promotes the idea of share economy where people could share their items. knowledge or skills by ‘renting’ them out to others for a sum of money. To put it simply, ShareKool serves as a platform for you to post and advertise anything you would like to ‘share’.

With their latest mobile app, ShareKool hopes to promote this sharing culture in Singapore. With ShareKool, you can share to earn and redeem points for cash, enjoy perks and discounts from businesses or merchant tie-ups and more important, earn some extra cash for yourself when you rent loud speakers or sell your writing or photography skills.

Why use ShareKool?
– Allows you to rent out items that you do not frequently use. For example, you may have a huge baking oven at home which is not used on a regular basis. So why not rent it out to a bunch of college kids who needs an oven to bake cookies for charity?

– You might have other skills you would like to put to good use during your free time. So why not advertise and market your painting skills or your ‘talking-over-the-phone’ skills to good use. Some cafe owners might just need to hire someone who is equipped with ‘boot-licking’ skills pleased customers. No skill is ever small, you know? Don’t ever underestimate your talent.
Where to download ShareKool?
Visit, then fill in the necessary details to get yourself registered. How difficult can that be?
Why you should download ShareKool now and not wait til tomorrow ( which never comes)?

There’s a chance for you to win attractive prizes just by signing up!

Here’s your chance to win an iPad Mini in 10 weekly lucky draws! Just simply follow these 3 easy steps:

1) Register for free at
2) Download their free mobile app
3) Share with friends and get them to download

With every 5 sign-ups, you will double your chances of winning an iPad mini. And with every 20 sign-ups, you’ll earn $10 in CapitaMalls voucher instantly!

Download this free application at :

Sharing is cool so start sharing today!

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