Sylvia Skin Atelier: An Interview with Celebrity Beauty Consultant,Sylvia Yeo

Seated right across me was this lady with a radiant glowing skin that looks almost flawless, almost close to perfection and I had no qualms at all about how I was going to start the interview. What are your beauty secrets? What got you so interested in skincare?

We all had our past and it goes the same for her.For Celebrity Beauty Consultant  Sylvia Yeo, her skincare journey all began when she was experiencing acne problems during her teenage years. And to salvage her bad skin then, she would tried all methods suggested by her family and friends to that she could achieve clear skin again.From drinking lots of water to eating vitamin C tablets and visiting dermatologists, she has practically tried every other ways but to no avail, her skin condition remains the same. It was only then that she started to develop a proper skincare routine to control her acne problem. “The very first cleanser I used was from Biore!” She quipped.

It was not long after she was on Oratane, a medicine which was also known as isotretinoin, that she realizes that most of her acne were gone after consuming this medication on a regular basis. However, once she stopped the medication, the acne came back again. What she came to know that was the oral medication could only suppress pimples from erupting on the skin but it doesn’t exactly treat acne. But by the time she was in her early twenties, she came to realize that a great skin comes with a well-maintained and proper skincare routine using skincare products of good quality. She bought her very first full skincare range from Shiseido and after using it for a couple of months, she noticed great improvements in her skin. And since then, she’s a firm believer that using the right skincare products can produce positive effects on your skin. I couldn’t agree more good skincare products is the gateway to youthful smooth and radiant skin.

The other gateway to a healthy skin, which she later found out when she had her first facial experience at the age of 23, was facial treatments. The very first beauty salon she had visited was Salon 1 at Bishan, Singapore. For anyone who is doing facial for the first time, you are going to expect alot of pain during the extraction step where the beauty therapist would squeeze out all the whiteheads, blackheads and other impurities trapped in the pores. Once again, after receiving regular facial treatments, she found that her skin had regained clarity.
So it was through all these trial and errors in unravelling the secrets of beauty that had got Sylvia hooked into learning more what skincare is all about.Her interest in skincare was further piqued when she took up a Japanese language course and fall in love with the culture there. Intrigued by the Harajuku girls and the beauty trends in Japan, she travelled to Japan frequently and was influenced by the way how Japanese ladies would take care of their skin. Later on, she proceeded on to take up the beauty therapy course, CIDESCO Diploma (based in Zurich,Switzerland), which is the world’s most prestigious qualification in the field of aesthetics. Her final year award-winning thesis on skin whitening has received well accolades from CIDESCO.

Armed with this certification, she started out her own home-based beauty salon where she could do facial and body treatments for her clients. Through the word of mouth and recommendation, her customer base started to expand quickly over the years. With the expanding success in her business, she has decided to open her first and very own skincare boutique named Sylvia Skin Atelier.

Now, as a founder and director of Sylvia Skin Atelier, Sylvia also conducts beauty and skincare-related workshops where she would share her vast knowledge on skin whitening, skin care products and makeup. ‘Atelier’ is actually a french word which means workshop and that is the key idea of what Sylvia Skin Atelier has to offer to its clients. Besides going for skin and body treatments, Sylvia believes in educating her clients on how to carry out proper skin care maintenance based on their skin type and lifestyle habits after the treatments. What other better ways out there than to conduct hands-on beauty workshops where participants could devote themselves to learn more about their own skin? Do keep a look out the upcoming workshops held at Sylvia Skin Atelier where she would invite skincare experts to share with you their knowledge and expertise as well!

Sylvia Yeo has also made several media appearances as a celebrity beauty consultant and model on local television shows and magazine advertorials.

She has collaborated with Hada Labo to create a self-made facial mask formula using Hada Labo hydrating lotion. One of the homemade face treatment which is highly recommended is the deep hydration mask which requires mixing 2 tablespoons of Hada Labo hydrating lotion to half an avocado. This homemade mask can soften rough and dry skin so that it will be less painful when you go for your next facial extraction!

She has also made appearances on Mediacorp Channel 8’s My Fair Ladies 小女人, 大视界 as well as Channel U’s Watsons Beauty Unveiled II. Fluent in both English and Mandarin, Sylvia has no qualms in explaining the skincare terms and beauty tips through both languages.

Right now, she’s working with her team of professional beauty therapists to bring out the true beauty in all ladies through skincare treatments and beauty workshops. Her experiences and expertise in beauty is exceptional.

With that, I ended my 1-hour interview with Sylvia, one of our local skin care gurus.

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