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A week ago, I attended Sylvia Yeo’s first workshop, ‘Know Thy Skin Challenge’ which was held over at her very own skincare salon, Sylvia Skin Atelier. Through this 2-hour skincare-cum-make up workshop, participants were taught on some basic skincare tips by John, beauty trainer from Institut Esthederm , and make-up tips on how to achieve a nude and natural make-up look from Sylvia Yeo, the founder and director of Sylvia Skin Atelier. Participants were also entitled to a complimentary skin analysis test performed by their in-house beauty therapist.
The workshops conducted at Sylvia Skin Atelier is one of its kind with the hands-on activities where participants will get the opportunity to pick up good skincare routine and tips using high-quality skincare products. Unlike any other common skincare workshops offered out there, the workshops here are not conducted in seminar-based style where one would be listening to the speaker and viewing presentation slides and videos on the screen. You may have all the facts up in your head but you might not know how to apply what you had learnt during the workshop. That’s why Sylvia believes that workshops should be made fun and interactive for all participants so that they not only bring home the messages behind great skin but also knowing how to apply and carry out the skincare tips taught to them.

Limited to a small number of people, this workshop can be considered very exclusive where all of the participants receives a great amount of attention from the speaker or trainer. With the small numbers, I find it easier to ask questions and speak with the trainer and beauty therapists. It’s almost like having a private 1-to-1 beauty consultation with the experts in the skincare industry! 

Light refreshments served during the workshop. They served some yummy finger food with some freshly-brewed lemongrass tea.


Institut Esthederm, a high-tech skincare brand, from Paris which is well-known for its Eau Cellulaire spray.

During the first half of the workshop, we were taught on how to choose the right products which suit our skin type. Using the right skincare products can really do wonders to your skin.


All of us did a skin analysis test to find out our skin type and condition. It’s really difficult to classify my skin type into any of the categories because it’s neither dry, oily or sensitive all over – the skin around my cheeks are sensitive, my T-zone areas are oily but the skin around my jaw is slightly dry.


We were further educated more about our skin cells and its function. I would definitely hashtag this as : #science #behind #theskin. Take home-message for great-looking skin? Use a product which will supply nutrients for healthy cell growth.


We also did a mini facial on ourselves using Institut Esthederm products.


This facial cleanser functions differently from the normal drugstore facial cleanser as it doesn’t really foam and it removes the skin impurities by attracting and drawing out dirt and impurities away from the skin, thus unclogging pores. I guess, this is what we call the ‘deep cleansing action’ that cleanse the skin without stripping off the natural film of moisture on our skin.


We are sure lucky to have a highly-experience beauty guru, John to help us cleanse our face!


Where can you enjoy such pampering services?


While we proceeded on to the next station to get our skin analysed, others could still continue to consult and seek beauty advice from the trainer. You could casually move around as you interact with the beauty experts here or simply just relax in a corner to have some tea and refreshments.


During the skin analysis test, the beauty therapist used this skin scanner tool that would zoom in and magnify the image captured by the scanner a hundred times. You could even see each tiny pore with this skin scanner tool.


My skin may appear to be fine but the truth is, I’ve got several skin imperfections lie embedded in my skin. For instance, I’m starting to have frown lines on my forehead! Yikes! That’s a sign of aging!


See that blotch of red patches? This shows that my skin gets red very easily and that this area of my skin is quite sensitive.


Right. So after viewing on the gruesome images of my clogged pores and aging lines, it’s time to feed the skin cells with some nutritious ‘skin food’ using Institut Esthederm’s serums.


After the skin is well-fed, it’s time to nourish and moisturize it further with a hydrogel mask by Hanskin.


Homemade Cream puffs


Freshly-baked banana cakes


After a short break, we proceed to the next segment of the workshop : Makeup! Sylvia brought along a basketful of cosmetics for us to experiment and try on.

This B.B foundation by Hanskin comes with an applicator that can vibrates on the skin to provide an even application of the product on your skin.

Less is more. 
(This threadbare phrase has appeared several times on my blog!)

To achieve that ‘no makeup’ makeup look, all you will need is to make sure your skin tone is even,bright and glowy with your features,such as the bridge of your noise, highlighted.


Make-up can really enhance your features and make you feel beautiful. A touch of colour and shimmer on our faces can sometimes make us feel all confident again.


This nude natural make-up look is perfect all for occasions. But it would be even better if you can start off a great skin that radiates from within so that you don’t even need to apply much makeup!

Sylvia will be conducting her next skincare workshop very soon.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn about your skin!

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