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I’ve been making regular visits to Sylvia Skin Atelier for their Body Slimming treatment using their cryolipolysis machine which contour, slims and shapes the body by freezing the fat tissues. The intense cooling of the fat tissues will induce the death of the fat cells which will eventually be eliminated from the body naturally. It’s been almost two months now after the first treatment at Sylvia Skin Atelier and I’m starting to see results! Like, finally!

Body Slimming Treatment: Target areas – thighs, arms and tummy

My thunder thighs have reduced by 2 inches and what’s even better is my upper thighs are now less flabby and firmer. And the bonus is that now I have a perkier and more defined butt with slimmer thighs. I guess that’s the difference between exercising to lose weight and going for body slimming/contour treatments. Exercise helps to lose the overall fat covering all parts of the body whereas for such body slimming treatments like the fat-freeze treatment at Sylvia Skin Atelier, you get to choose where you would like the fats to be reduced. For most women, we actually do love our fats if it’s found at the right places.Well, it’s our love-hate relationship with fats and it’s just a matter of where our fats are stored. And the fat-freeze machine at Sylvia Skin Atelier works pretty much like a eraser which ‘erases’ fat at targeted areas only. Let’s just say if you have a slim bottom half but owns a pair of butterfly arms, this body contour treatment might just be the solution (especially if all other options fail) for you!


My butterfly arms are also now less flabby after the treatment. Exercise, even like strength training, doesn’t really work for me. Instead of having a slimmer arm after lifting 3-kg dumbbells, I have a bulkier arm with an increased muscle mass but same amount of fat as before. My fats can be pretty stubborn and tough so I guess the only way is to really kill these fat cells and drive them out of my body. I’m still waiting for about another month or so to see if my arms would become much toner after the treatment. The results of such treatment could be seen in about two to four months’ time and the changes could be pretty drastic for some, depending on the body’s metabolic rate and the individual lifestyle habits.

The last recent treatment I had was on my love handles and tummy area. The main problem for me was the accumulated fats around my hips and lower tummy, which covered my lower abs. I do hope that my abs would show up after the fats are gone! Here am I resting on their comfy cushioned-salon treatment beds.

As usual, the beauty therapist will drape this skin dressing over the stomach as a layer of protection during the treatment to prevent the skin from damaging during the freezing process.

The applicator is then applied on the targeted area where it will suck up the fats and warm it for a little warm before freezing the fats.

After about 40 to 45 minutes, the machine stopped and what comes after that was a gentle massage from the beauty therapist to loosen up that ‘stick of butter’ on my tummy. When it comes to the tummy area, there would be a slight painful sensation on my skin when touched because the skin around the tummy is quite sensitive and my fats around the tummy is rather ‘hard’. But a few hours later, the pain would be gone and everything was back to normal. There’s no downtime and I could continue with my daily activities right after the treatment.

I’m not surprise that this slimming treatment is gaining popularity across USA, Europe and even on our Sunny island, Singapore! It’s safe,non-invasive, fast and effective. If only such machines were invented much earlier!

Facial Slimming Treatment


I was also offered to try out their face slimming/contouring facial at Sylvia Skin Atelier which uses a radiofrequency wave machine to slim and contour the face. This machine also helps to treat sagging skin by lifting up the facial muscles and tightens the skin! It simply works by emitting radio waves that could penetrate through the skin layers and heats up the dermis layer between 40 to 50 degree celsius. The heat effect helps to stimulate collagen production and it also causes the immediate shrinkage of the skin tissues and tightening of the skin. I noticed the immediate facial lift in my cheeks and jaw area after the beauty therapist treated half of my face!

This machine could also be used on the body to slim and contour the body. Unlike the fat-freeze treatment, this radiofrequency wave treatment is more comfortable and soothing. It not only reduces the fat deposits and appearance of cellulites but it can also improve the skin’s tone and texture too! However, it’s slimming results are not as drastic as the fat-freeze treatment.

But if you want to achieve a slimmer,v-shaped and small face, I would highly recommend this radiofreqency wave treatment which could also be added on to the customized facial treatments offered at Sylvia Skin Atelier. Be prepared to be pampered by the skilful hands of the beauty therapists working there!

You don’t have to go through laser or other painful surgical methods to achieve a slimmer face and body! Do visit Sylvia Skin Atelier and seek their trustable and experienced beauty therapists or Sylvia Yeo ( Founder and director of Sylvia Skin Atelier) on the suitable types of face or body treatments for you!

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