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myLIFE Inc. is a dream come true for all healthy food junkies and even raw foodists dwelling on our Sunny island singapore. Going raw, vegan or organic isn’t exactly easy in Singapore as this lifestyle and diet hasn’t been popularize here yet. But the trend of getting fit, eating clean and going organic is certainly getting quite prominent here with the newly introduced organic food and lifestyle products section at our local supermarkets such as Fairprice Xtra. 
There are several organic food stores around in Singapore but they usually located in areas which are not easily accessible by the MRT so visiting these health food stores can be somewhat of a hassle for me. The other option for me is to do my organic grocery shopping online and one of the online health,store which specializes in health and food products, I’ve been introduced is myLIFE INC
myLIFE INC. is an online lifestyle store offering exclusive brands curated from around the world. That is to say that most of its organic products are found only at myLIFE INC. and not any other health stores around in Singapore. myLIFE INC. is a new subsidiary of Eu Yan Sang International, a leading healthcare and wellness company in Asia. All the products sold by myLIFE Inc. are personally curated by their team of experts through vetting, testing and critiquing to ensure it’s safe and healthy for all.
The team at myLIFE INC. has also painstakingly dive through the vast sea of products and carefully picked healthy products that are purposeful, functional and convenient for all. It offers a great variety of health/organic products ranging from healthy tea, health food, supplements, shampoos, lotions, baby products to even pet care essentials! New items are also introduced every now and then. With a wider selection of great quality organic products available, you don’t have to waste time walking down the supermarket aisle or study the organic product labels just to find out which is the best of the best!
Last week, right after I completed my 5-Day Juice cleanse programme, I received a stash of healthy snacks and tea from myLIFE INC.! Oh yeah, what better way than to break the juice fast with some raw kale chips, organic green bar and blueberry tea?

Simply Unbeatable blue Tortilla chips
(Certified Gluten-free)

Let me start of with my favourite snack out of the bucketful of goodies. It’s the Simply Unbeatable blue Tortilla chips by Simply sprouted Way Better Snacks. Yes, it’s really simply unbeatable as it tasted just as good as Nachos minus all the unhealthy seasonings, salt and preservatives! It’s a certified gluten-free product and each serving has an amazing 525mg of healthy Omega 3 essential fatty acids to help keep your cells happy.Made from Sprouted Golden flax, Chia Seed, Quinoa, Radish Seed and Broccoli seeds, the chip is packed with nutrients that would nourish your body. For once, eating chips is healthy if it contains all the good stuff. Do you know that sprouting the grains and seeds increases the release of  their nutrients and allows your body to better absorb them? 


All those little oval-shaped seeds are embedded in the crunchy blue chips!


Nice, thin and crunchy!

Sadly, there are only about 13 to 15 chips in a small packet. But you will thank you for consuming this controlled-size portions of chips because eating too much of a good thing isn’t that healthy either.
Here’s another flavour ! These tortilla chips are one of the bestsellers on my LIFE INC. too.

Simply Sunny Multi-Grain Tortilla Chips
(Certified Gluten-free)
Made from Sprouted golden flax, Chia Seed, Quinoa, Radish Seed, Brown Rice and Broccoli Seeds.

Where’s my salsa? Perhaps I should search for raw salsa recipes to pair this up with these ‘sunny’ tortillas.

Right.The next goodie is sweet potato,apple,carrot and Cinnamon-containing Fruit and Veggie Pouch by Happytot Organic Superfoods. I love anything that has cinnamon in it so I picturing this veggie pouch to contain somewhat like apple juice mixed with cinnamon. However, what came out of the pouch is actually purée  – pretty much like baby’s food. If you add a splash of water in it and mix, you will have a glass of smoothie perfect for breakfast. But as for myself, I think I would reserve this for my future baby-to-come ( if there’s one).
No soy, wheat, dairy or gluten.

It has a BPA-free packaging. This environmentally-friendly product receives a thumbs-up for being green!

Unlike the normal fruit and veggie purée, Happytot Organic Superfood’s Fruit and Veggie pouches contain salba,an ancient gluten-free grain that is a particular strain (Salvia Hispanic L.) of chia.This amazing grain naturally has omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, calcium and many other vitamins and minerals. It has eight times more omega 3 fatty acids than salmon and six times more calcium than whole milk! 
Salba is featured exclusively in Happyfamily products and is highly recommended by Dr.Sears! That makes this fruit and veggie pouch really worth consuming me it as a form of supplement or dessert. I know! I could use this as a topping for my banana-only softserve ice cream or as biscuits/bread spreads! Brilliant.

Raw organic Red Kale Chips by Loving Earth
(Cashew and Barbeque Spice Blend)

Things got spicier as I try out this Raw Organic Red Kale Chips by Loving Earth which are made using a dehydrator. It’s not bake or deep-fried as the high heat will destroy the enzymes in it. Speaking of which, you could very much call this ‘live’ food with living enzymes and nutrients in it! It contains certified organic raw Kale, raw cashews, carrots, olive oil, barbeque spice blend ( tomato powder, sweet paprika,sea salt, cayenne pepper). I could very well make kale chips at home on my own with a baking oven but Kale is hard to find in Singapore and it’s super expensive! And if I want my Kale chips to be raw, I would need to invest in a dehydrator too. How to save trouble, money and time? Get this Kale chips from myLIFE INC.!


This is great for garnishing salads or soups.


The kale leaves are quite soft and it’s well-coated with all the natural spicy seasonings. It can get a little salty though but this is sure to satisfy your savoury cravings.


Remember to drink lots of fluid of eating these dehydrated chips which can be pretty drying for the throat!


Lavender Extra Dark Chocolate by Seeds and Bean

72 % cocoa


The dark and bitter flavours of the cocoa has intertwined so beautifully with the lavender essence. To others, tasting lavender on your tongue could be too overpowering for their olfactory system but for me, I love the taste and aroma of the sweet herbal lavender scent that really soothes and calms your nerves, by taking you away to faraway lavender fields. 


But this bar of chocolate is certainly more than just unique with its burst of lavender fragrance. More so, Seed and Beans’ chocolate are 100 % organic, soy-free and and vegan-friendly. All its ingredients are traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards. Fairtrade means fairer trading, conditions and opportunities for producers in developing countries. This is precisely why such fairtrade products are meaningful and worthy of us to purchase them.
The presence of cocoa butter solidifies the chocolate, making it a little less easier for the chocolate to melt at room temperature. It’s hard and sturdy texture made it quite difficult for me to nibble on the chocolate so I had to avoid putting it into the fridge as it solidifies real quickly under cool temperature and it takes quite a while for it so soften.


Extra Dark Chocolate – Lavender

(Award winning extra dark chocolate)

A subtle blend of 72% Dominican Trinitario cocoa delicately infused with lavender oil
sink into peaceful,tranquil bliss
Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cane sugar,cocoa butter,vanilla extract and lavender oil

Uh-huh, organic food can be pretty intriguing, right?  They not only taste great but healthy and also meaningful for the purchaser. Here’s another organic food – an alternative to your usual muesli breakfast bar. This Organic perfect whole food green bar by Living Foods is another great product you must try out especially if you a raw vegan foodie or health food junkie. This is essentially a green bar that is made out of 100% raw ingredients without any heat involved! And how does this green bar taste like? It taste abit like my Vital Greens supplement. It’s sweet, fruity, moist and veggie-like!


Packed with 21 organic vegetables, 5 grams of fibre and a sweet dose of honey, this green bar makes a great snack bar at all times of the day. Satisfy your sweet indulgence with this green bar instead of reaching out for a Mars chocolate bar.


Blueberry tea by Teaism

A Natural blend of blueberry, hibiscus, rose buds and blackcurrant

I’ve come to the last product given by my LIFE INC. which I highly recommend! Initally, I thought that Teaism, a tea brand by Eu Yan Sang, is just like any other usual organic tea that comes in a form of a tea bag, except that Teaism has its tea leaves packaged in aluminium foiled sachets. So I wasn’t too eager to try it out til I decide to give it a taste test yesterday. 

I actually snip off the tea sachets and empty out the tea leaves into my cup. Poured hot water into my mug and the tea leaves were dancing happily in all directions. I thought to myself, ‘Oh, is that it? I didn’t know that organic teas should be brewed naturally in this way.’ But then again, it doesn’t make any sense for them to pack the tea leaves into sachets when they could have just lump all the tea leaves together and sell it as a packet. 
Oh, silly me! It turns out that I didn’t have to cut the tea sachets because teaism comes in a form of ‘magical’ tea wands which are immediately soaked in hot water and then stir to brew the tea leaves in the cup! These tea wands, which are mainly with aluminium foil, are porous ! There are holes for the water to seep through but not for the tea leaves to seep out ( but the tiny tea leaves fragments do seep out after soaking in the water for a long time).


15 tea wands in a box!


Double packaging to ensure freshness.

Here’s the magical tea wand and scroll down to see how it works!


Soak it into hot/warm water and watch the dark red infusion begins. 

Enjoy the view of the pretty gradient effect!

Do you know why this is a faster way of brewing tea as compared to tea bags? Think scientifically. Because now the tea leaves are stored in long skinny ‘tea wands’ which constitutes a greater surface area or exposure area for the tea leaves to be in contact with the hot water, where the tannins and antioxidants from the tea leaves could be immediately released into the cup of water. What an ingenious way of brewing tea! Oh, I forget to add that aluminium is also a good conductor of heat, which is why the tea get brewed faster too!

The tea wand doubles up as a spoon so stir with it and voila, a cup of freshly brewed blueberry tea which requires less than a minute of preparation! The conventional tea bags would usually take about 3 to 5 minutes which can be pretty long and by the time it’s ready to drink, the tea has cooled off quite a bit. So, with Teaism’s revolutionary tea wands, you can get to brew tea faster and also enjoy a hot and fresh cup of organic tea !
Taste-wise? I love the sweet-sour and fruity taste of the blueberry tea! It has this natural fruity sweetness which is not found in most fruit teas, especially not the usual teas sold at the supermarkets.As such, Teaism is really worth trying out especially if you’re a tea-lover!

*Here’s a treat for you readers out there! Use <Deenise0312> at the checkout to get a FREE Seed& Bean Organic Chocolate(worth $9).Details about Seed& Bean:

With Special thanks to myLIFE INC.,

Treat your body the way it should deserves.
Stay hydrated and drink lots of tea!

Check out their following websites for more details!

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