Bio-essence Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask : The Invisible Sleeping Mask


Bio-essence is constantly at the forefront of technological innovations in the beauty industry and it’s no surprise that they are back to launch another beauty product. However, this time, they are not to declare a new found bio-active ingredient which has mystique benefits and characteristics. In fact, they out to create a ripple in the skincare industry with an avant-garde sleeping mask that forms aqua droplets on the skin upon application. What’s this all about? Scroll on.
I had several questions formed in my head after being introduced to this product.Right, so how does this product exactly work? What good does it does to the skin? What’s the whole point of having liquid droplets formed on your skin? Is this just another hydrating product? I just couldn’t help but to wonder the purpose of such sleeping masks because I personally think that sleeping mask is just another night moisturizer to be left on the skin overnight. My vanity table is crammed with bottles and jars of moisturizers and hydrating lotions, mainly drugstore brands,which do a pretty good job in supplying moisture into the skin. So, how does Bio-essence Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask comes in? ( The name is already quite a mouthful.)

This bottle of sleeping mask by Bio-essence is created based on their improve 3X hydration system that aims to provide a total hydration which includes nourishing and protection.
To hydrate the skin, this product contains power nano hyaluronic acid,which as an average molecular size of 15 to 25 nanometres, that is tiny enough to enter the pores of your skin quickly and effectively. In addition, it also contains hyaluronic acid to lock up moisture in your skin and cranberry extract that aids in improving skin elasticity and suppleness. 
The cranberry extract, along with Bio Energy fluid, also nourishes and conditions the skin for a healthy glow. In fact, Bio Energy fluid is a key ingredient in most of Bio-essence’s skincare products. It basically helps to refine the skin texture and minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores. I can swear by this effectiveness of this ingredient as I’m a fan of their Bio Spring water.
Interestingly, the cranberry extract is also a great anti-oxidant which protects the skin against environmental and UV damage. There’s every reason to include cranberries into your diet for its amazing chock full of benefits.


The product formula has a waxy texture but gel-like touch to it which is perfect for my skin type as my pores get clogged easily with cream-based products.


I had no idea how much of the product to spread across my face but I started out with just a small dollop of product (10 cent coin-sized) as I didn’t want to sleep with so much products resting on my skin. It needs to breathe, even if there’s a layer of ‘mask’ over it. 


I felt that the product is very ‘waxy’ that produces this super watery finish on my skin. Following the given directions on the packaging, I started to rub the product into my skin several times, in a circular motion for about 15 to 20 seconds before I started to notice the appearance of the so-called ‘aqua droplets’ formed on the skin.

It all seem too magical for me to witness how a waxy product could miraculously turned into ‘water-liked’ droplets. Once the droplets were formed, I pat til it gets fully absorbed into my skin. This ‘magic trick’ is made possible with their unique Bio Aqua Crystal Technology that works by forming a protective shield over the hydrating ingredients to prevent moisture loss from the skin. So what happens is when you apply and massage the ‘waxy’ product into your skin, you are actually forming a protective barrier over the skin to prevent dehydration of the skin. After some time upon application. this protective shield breaks away and the aqua droplets start to form. These aqua droplets contains the power nano hyaluronic acid which will be delivered and penetrated into the deep layers of the skin.
I definitely see some light after understanding the innovation principle behind it. Rather than calling this a sleeping beauty mask, I call this the 2-in-1 hydration potion simply because this product doubles up as a hydrating lotion and moisturizer that has skin nourishing and hydrating properties. Usually, I would apply a sheer layer of hydrating lotion before applying moisturizer to prep my skin to absorb the moisturizer more readily. So with this sleeping beauty mask, I could skip a step. Talking about convenience, this product could be categorized as a ‘travel-friendly’ product or a must-have for busy modern women – or men. 
On my skin, it works just like any other water-based or gel-like moisturizer except that it leaves no tacky or sticky feeling on your skin. It feel so light, as if there’s nothing on your skin. Neither does it clogs pores or suffocate your skin cells. 
Hated clay or paper mask because it scares the hell out of your partner sleeping next to you? Try this invisible sleeping mask for a change.
Goodnight and sleep tight, sleeping beauties!

For more information, visit Bio-essence website (Singapore) or Bio-essence Facebook page.Free samples of this product are made available at from 18 November 2013 onwards.While stock lasts.

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