GlassesOnline : Going Blue-Eyed for A Minute with Phantasee Coloured Contact Lenses

When my Phantasee Coloured contact lenses arrived in well-packaged delivery parcel complete with a bubble foam wrap, I didn’t really know quite what to do with it. I didn’t expect the delivery to be sent over within 3 working days and it did caught me by surprise. So fast? That’s a speedy delivery by GlassesOnline considering that fact that it’s been shipped over from overseas.

Though I knew I couldn’t wear it out to flaunt (as the lenses had zero power), I was still eager to put on the lenses to see if my pupils would turn instant turquoise blue – that azure blue pair of eyes which I’ve been dreaming of.


The box of phantasee lenses comes with a contact lens container so that you could store your new lenses in it. It’s always good to change your contact lenses container once every few months for hygiene purposes. And if you happen to have extra lens cases, why not reuse it as a travel-sized container to store your moisturizers, facial cleanser or lip balm. Ain’t that a ‘green’ idea?


Alright, here’s the verdict: instead of looking all mysterious with the blue-eye effect, I ended up having a dolly pair of eyes where my pupils were enlarged further with this pair of Phantasee lenses. It acts like circle lenses which enhances the size of your eyes and makes you look more ‘awake’ with bigger eyes. And yes, it was blue but it wasn’t that mysterious and light sheer blue I was looking for. It produces this navy blue effect against my black pupils. It didn’t look weird on me but I must say that it matches very well with my red glossy lipstick which I’m totally loving it right now!

Not to forget, the lenses is pretty moist and it stuck pretty snugly against my eyeball unlike the Freshlook coloured contact lenses which I’ve worn previously. Comfort level? Not too bad!

I would have wear this look out if not for my short-sightedness which requires me to wear a pair of lenses with power. Right, next time, I should put on my prescription glasses before making a purchase online…

Written by A Mysterious Girl Who Hearts Having Blue Eyes

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