Korean Beauty Products from Beauty in The Eyes: The Natural Goodness from Tomatoes and Seaweeds

예쁜 ( yeppeun) = Beautiful

If Korean women are able to achieve that flawless and almost poreless-looking fair skin, then I’m pretty sure there must be something special in the Korean beauty products that they used. Whether they belong to the entertainment industry and did a series of cosmetic surgery or not, wouldn’t you agree with me that they probably know what are the best ingredients and skin care methods to a beautiful and youthful-looking skin?
That explains where there’s a current fad over Korean beauty products in the market – from cosmetics to skincare, the Korean beauty industry is definitely blooming and many women are delving among the sea of skincare products for popular Korean beauty brands like Laneige, The Face Shop, Lioele and Tony Moly.

My friends who visited Seoul would go on and on about how affordable and good Korean beauty products are. It may be affordable over in that land of flawless beauties but once the products are imported over to Singapore, the number on the price tag isn’t that wallet-friendly. This is the reason why people love doing beauty hauls over in Korea where they would stash up their shopping baskets with loads of ‘goodies’ to celebrate their womanhood!

But do you always have to fly to Korea to get everything you’ve wanted? With this new global online beauty store, Beauty in the Eyes, you needn’t have to do so. This online beauty store offers Korean beauty products for up to 40% cheaper than retail price offered in Singapore!

 The prices are certainly quite attractive but more so even for me, is whether the products are suitable for my skin type and effective after subsequent use. Let’s put this 2 Korean beauty products (available at Beauty in the Eyes) to the test. These two products features natural ingredient (in this case, tomato and seaweed) extracted from the earth as their key ingredient. Don’t you know that there’s alot of goodness in natural ingredients such as vegetables that is great for the skin?

Let’s start the vegetable talk with tomatoes!

Tomatox Magic massage Pack 
by Tony Moly
I’m familiar with the Korean brand, Tony Moly, as they are pretty well-known for their best-selling peach-scented hand creams. Their products often come in cutesy and decor-worthy packaging that ou wouldn’t actually mind buying it for it’s ‘appetizing-looking’ containers. For instance, the Tomatox magic massage pack is a perfect gift for mothers who might want to reuse this as a kitchen decor. I’m quite sure that the middle-age women would love this stuff – who can tell if it looks like a real or a fake tomato from far, when it’s placed in a fruit basket along with other vegetables?
“Do real tomatoes look shiny?”

No, Tony Moly wasn’t own by a guy named Tony. I had no idea that Tony is actually an English word which means fashionable and Moly is a Japanese which means ‘to package’. Putting the two words together would meant ‘to package in style’. Though appearance might be a key factor to Tony Moly, but their quality of products is not overlooked.
Tomatox is a leave-on massage cream-based mask which serves to clarify and hydrate the skin. It is labelled as a multifunctional product because you could use this product as a massage cream during the facial massage and after which, the product could be leave on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes as a hydrating mask. If you didn’t already know, facial massage is a crucial step to a radiant and youthful skin. Otherwise, your facial therapist wouldn’t have included this step in your facials. 


I’ve been using this massage mask for a couple of times and what I really makes me grab for this ‘red juicy tomato’ is the revitalizing and pleasant scent of this product. It smelt nothing like tomato though it’s one of the main ingredient, more of a shampoo-type-of-scent.
It’s definitely gentle on the skin but I also happen to discover some tiny ‘beads’ hidden in the cream which burst upon slight pressure. It probably contains some skin-nourishing extracts that would further pampers the skin.
The product has a good hygiene feature. It comes with small spatula to scoop out the product. Instead of using your fingers to whip out the product which may cause bacterial contamination, you should use the given applicator and clean it before dipping it into the product.


After leaving it on for 10 minutes, I would rinse it off with cold tap water and my skin instantly felt more refreshed and quite hydrated. Other than it’s pleasant smell and hydrating effects, there isn’t anything magical about Tomatox. It’s quite gentle on the skin and if you are really hardworking, you could use this as a daily mask during the day if you just want to ‘revive’ and ‘awaken’ your skin.


Lioele Multi Seaweed Gel

Seaweeds is healthy and nutritious when eaten on its own. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids which is essential for a healthy skin. It’s so nutritious for the skin that is it actually worth smearing some seaweed bits across your face but seriously, would anyone wants to look like a target for fishes or perhaps even house lizards? Get Lioele Multi Seaweed gel instead.


It’s the best alternative to Aloe Vera gel which is great for sensitive skin types. It contains more than 90% of seaweed extract and it is a multi-purpose type of gel to soothe the skin. Experiences rashes or redness in the skin? Slap some of this cooling gel. Suffering from dehydrating skin or sunburn? Layer your skin up with this product which absorbs into the skin rather quickly and hydrates the skin layer effectively. It leaves a slight tacky and sticky feeling on the skin after patting the product into the skin but it’s only normal because now your skin is more bouncy and elastic. Don’t believe? Pinch your baby fat out of your cheeks.


I’m loving this seaweed gel which works perfect on my sensitive and combination skin. I would recommend people with oily-skin type people to use this seaweed gel as a day moisturizer.


Avoid sticking your fingers into the jar as you may unknowingly transfer bacteria into your seaweed gel.

I would love to try more Korean beauty products in the future especially those highly raved about products. Know of any and would like to share? Do leave a comment below my post!

Both of the products could be purchased from online beauty store, Beauty in the Eyes.

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