La Mav: Organic Skin Science – Age-Defence Series : Unleashing The Power of Organic Skincare


La Mav‘s organic skin care pack marks my first venture into Organic Skin care products after I had started to choose organic over non-organic food products. There are many skin care brands which label themselves as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ but is that really so? Others claim that it uses 100% natural ingredients which are active but at the same time, their products contain also contain parabens, petrochemicals and artificial fragrances. As such, how do I tell if this particular brand of skincare products is truly organic?

At the recent launch of La Mav Organic Skin Science® at BHG Bugis, I am glad that I was introduced to the founder of La Mav, Tarj Mavi who believes in the power of using natural and organic certified ingredients on the skin. La Mav is Australia’s first certified organic skin care line that is eco-friendly and cruelty-free as well. Even its base ingredients were purchased from Fair Trade suppliers.Its uses eco-friendly packaging which are recyclable.With La Mav Organic and certification as well as Sustainability commitments, it’s an ideal product for tree-huggers, eco-conscious or those who led organic lifestyles. 

La Mav’s Age Defense Series  
Skin Brightening Pack

There are a few other types of packs in La Mav’s Age Defense Series but I chose the skin Brightening pack because I find that I have an uneven skin tone which looks dull on most days.

The beautifully-packaged box consists of the following products:

Rumex Advanced Lightening Day crème (50 ml)
Vit-C Advanced Nightly Repair Nectar (50 ml)
Anti Dark-Circle and Ultra-Firm Eye Gel (15ml)
Daily Vitamin-C Brightening Serum (3ml)

You would have noticed that the products comes in smaller amounts as compared to non-organic skincare products which usually comes in larger amounts. This is probably due to the fact that La Mav’s products contains Bio-active and other naturally-derived ingredients which loses its effectiveness after a certain period of time. In fact, most organic skincare products only have a shelf life of 6 months even with the use of natural preservatives. So, once opened, it’s best to use these organic skincare products regularly on a daily basis. 

Daily Vitamin C Brightening Serum

I would apply this serum by tapping gently into my skin after applying my favourite toner. The serum is rather light translucent and it has a pleasant citrus scent. Vitamin C serums are known for it’s anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties. I find the serum very hydrating for the skin actually.

Vit-C Advanced Nightly Repair Nectar

This is my favourite product in La Mav’s Skin Brightening Pack. You could call it a skin essence but over at La Mav, they call it ‘nectar’, a luscious and nutritious fluid obtained from plants. It is referring to the nectar from flowers but the natural plant oils extracted from various seeds,nuts,flowers and other natural sources such as Jojoba seed oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Vitamin C, Rosehip oil and Evening Primrose oil. It has an oily texture which readily absorbs into the skin. It’s an intensive skin nourishment step that is suitable for daily use. My skin appears more luminous and supple in the morning after applying the nectar the night before. If you are trying out La Mav’s products for the first time, I would highly recommend that you try out one of their nightly repair nectar series.

The other product which I really like using is the Anti Dark-Circle and Ultra-Firm Eye gel. It appears to more like a lightweight lotion then gel to me with it’s slight whitish translucent appearance. It is cooling on the skin at the eye area when applied. I felt the skin around my eye area is firmer after using this product but my stubborn dark circles still remained – it does haunts me sometimes. Or perhaps, I should make it a point to blog less and sleep more.
I fear of using cream-based products after the recent major breakout which was caused by this moisturizing cream I’ve been using for weeks. Since then, I only stick to gel, essence or oil-based skincare products that does not clog my pores. Thus, I skipped using the Pumex Advanced Lightening Day crème and it used as my neck/décolleté cream to moisturise the skin around that area so as to prevent neck lines from forming.


“La Mav products are 100% naturally derived. All La Mav products contain minimum 78% of certified organic ingredients with many over 95% threshold.”

– Lav Mav

La Mav is Australian made and owned.

La Mav products are sold in BHG Bugis Departmental Store, on Level 2, at Eco-Organics beauty counter.

Visit La Mav Official Website and La Mav’s Facebook Page for more information.

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