Lady M : With Signature Mille Crêpes Worth Dying For

I didn’t know why I would associate Lady M with Bangkok but this isn’t just a regular dessert cafe. It’s a cafe boutique that has its roots in New York’s Upper East Side. Is it French-style? Japanese-style? It doesn’t matter because they’ve got their own unique interpretation of how good confections should taste. Now, that’s the Lady M style.

Signature cake Lady M® Mille Crêpes
Upon entering Lady M, you should totally grab the menu and order their signature cake Lady M Mille Crêpes because this ‘Kueh Lapis’ look alike twin is a killer. And this is one of the reasons why you would be here for.

Lady M Mille Crêpes is a twenty paper-thin handmade crêpes layered with delicate light pastry cream and caramel made in French style. It may look just like any other cakes but wait til you sink your teeth into it. There’s this indescribable explosion of taste in your mouth with several ‘layers of excitement’ – fluffy crêpes, burnt caramelize aroma with hints of vanilla that sends you up to heavens and the light cream that gels all the flavour perfectly together.

Their Mille Crêpes has just topped my list of the best slice of cakes in Singapore. It’s truly and incredibly delicious.But do share your slice of Mille Crêpes if not you will be intoxicated by the sugary sweet layers. Plus, you wouldn’t want to run an extra mile on the treadmill just because you’ve over-indulge in a slice of cake, do you?


Green Tea Mousse Cake

Their green tea mousse cake has also took me by surprise with the rich Matcha green tea flavour and the super spongy and soft cake layers. If you’re into green tea and matcha, this slice of cake will most certainly delight you and bring a big smile to your face.


The alternating layers of Matcha sponge cake and dense green-tea flavoured light cream makes a great afternoon tea cake for the ones who prefer light and not too overly sweet cakes.

Tarte a la Mangue

For the health-conscious individuals, I recommend this fruit tart that is delicious but not incredibly fantastic that would tickle my taste buds and have me sitting on fluffy clouds. It’s simple yet delectable.

Mangoes. Custard. Shortbread.

That makes a pretty neat fruit tart.


Could you remain this as a secret? 
If not I might have to queue up for hours some day…

Marina Square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594

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