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The previous myLIFE INC. snack craze wasn’t quite enough for me as a health junkie leading a semi-organic lifestyle. I’m intending to make further changes to my lifestyle so that I could live more organically through eco-friendly ways. But leading an organic lifestyle isn’t just about eating organic food. It’s more than that. Perhaps you may want to consider weaving the use of organic skincare products or toiletries into your daily routine. But bear in mind, that it isn’t just about trying to live 100% organically here. It’s all about believing in the pure goodness and benefits of organic products that also does less harm to the environment and keeps our environment sustainable.
Though there aren’t many organic beauty products made available in our local drugstores yet but you can purchase them from health stores or online health and wellness stores like myLIFE INC. They offer quite a comprehensive range of lifestyle products that includes personal care products like toothpaste, shampoo, facial cleansers, moisturizers and even insect repellent sprays! And they also have products catered for babies and pets as well. Especially for babies whose skin is so gentle and may be vulnerable to the harsh chemicals found in most products used today.
Previously, I’ve tried myLIFE INC. healthy teas and snacks before so this time I have selected to try out their organic supplements and natural beauty products. On top of that, the peeps from myLIFE INC. have also throw in a bottle of organic drink and a small packet of longan chips into my goodie tea for me to sample. Read on to find out which products belong to the ‘must-buy’ category.

Natural Alternative

1.Natural Face Cleansing Gel

2.Natural Face Moisturizing Cream

3. Certified Organic Paw Paw Ointment

Not to be confused with the terms of ‘natural’ and ‘organic’, but natural products are not necessary organic. These two terms are often used interchangeably by many beauty brands whom are targeting at healthy or environmentally-conscious individuals. However, both terms have very different meanings.

If the product is labeled as ‘natural’, it only means that it has included natural ingredients into its formula among with its other artificial ingredients. Whereas organic-labeled products uses ingredients extracted from organic sources like organically-grown plants and fruits. Thus, I wouldn’t consider Natural Alternative as organic. However, most of the ingredients used in Natural Alternative products are obtained from natural sources with a few ingredients being labelled as certified organic. Also, their products harbor very few artificial compounds as most of ingredients are mainly plant derived. Based on its list of ingredients, I must say that Natural Alternative’s products are pretty close to nature, with the minimal use of artificial compounds.

Such products which uses mainly natural ingredients are safe on the skin and great for those who have sensitive skin. Interestingly, do you know that some of us suffer from sensitive skin due to the harmful chemical products which we’ve been using on our skin? So instead of piling up your skin with harsh chemicals thinking that it could treat your worsened skin condition, it might be doing more harm than good to your skin. Perhaps natural remedies or natural-based skin care products which are more gentle on the skin, might just be what you will need to maintain a healthy radiant skin.

Natural Alternative’s commitment to consumers

+  No SLS or parabens
+ No artificial fragrances
+ No animal testing
+ Environmentally-friendly packaging
+ no harsh surfactants
+ no harmful chemicals


Certified Paw Paw Ointment
by Natural Alternative

This is one of Natural Alternative range of products which is certified organic. On its label, it states that the Paw Paw ointment is 95% certified organic and 100% natural.
I was attracted to this product because of it’s cute name called ‘Paw Paw’. I’m pretty sure that you guys might not have heard about this Australian-made product called Lucas’ Papaw ointment but I guess this was product was the inspiration behind Natural Alternative Paw Paw ointment. To many Aussies, the papaw ointment is dubbed as the ‘multi-functional miracle balm’ for its healing, restoring and hydrating properties.
So, what’s this thing about ‘ Papaw’? Is that some kind of a miracle ingredient for the skin? Please don’t choke if I tell you that papaw is actually another word for the tropical fleshy fruit, papaya. And the papaw extract is just one of the main ingredients found in papaw ointments. I do not know what’s the formula for Papaw ointment but the texture and appearance looks exactly like Vaseline.


In Natural Alternative Certified Paw Paw ointment, they use ingredients from natural sources which are organically certified. It includes ingredients like beeswax, coconut, papaya, honey and jojoba that all sounds really pampering for the skin.And this is probably one of the few rarest organic papaw ointment you can find around in the world at the moment. This ‘world greatest healing agent’ is great for relieving bruises, minor burns, mild dermatitis, eczema, heat rash, insect stings, mosquito bites, ringworm and sunburn. It’s also great for chapped lips, cuts, redness, dry skin and diaper rash.
Sold exclusively at myLIFE Inc.

I would slather some of this product on my dry chapped lips and it instantly hydrates my lips, keeping it real supple. Since I often have skin abrasions on my legs, I would also rub some of this ointment to relieve the pain and to heal the skin. And I was truly amazed by its healing properties because the redness caused by the abrasions on my skin was greatly reduced overnight. As compared to Vaseline, the Paw paw ointment takes a shorter time to heal my skin abrasions.Unlike Vaseline, the Paw paw ointment also melts and absorbs easily into the skin, without leaving the skin feeling too sticky or tacky.

And you know what? I am not the only one who is obsessed with this product. It has become a celebrity staple even for my beauty YouTube gurus like Michelle Phan


Natural Face Cleansing Gel
by Natural Alternative

Both cleansing and moisturizing are basic essential skincare steps to prevent the sudden appearance of skin imperfections and to also maintain a healthy and clear skin. I’ve been using regular facial foams bought from our local drugstores which gives me this nice squeaky clean feeling that I loved. But I realized that this ‘squeaky clean’ feel isn’t exactly great for the skin. Cleansing of the skin should be as gentle as possible, without stripping off the natural moisture embedded in the layers of our skin. So right now, I’m trying to stick to gel-based cleansers and I find that Natural Alternative Cleansing gel is one great option. 
The sweet orange and Moroccan neroli scent is very refreshing and mind awakening. The cleansing gel foams up slightly after I massage it into the skin in circular motions and I find it really easy to wash the product off my face with just a slight rinse. But it didn’t give me a very ‘clean’ feel after each wash as it felt like there were some impurities trapped under my skin. Since this isn’t a facial scrub or a deep pore cleanser, it doesn’t do a thorough cleansing job.So, don’t expect this natural gentle cleanser to strip off the oil film at your T-zone area or to purge out the white and black heads. I would recommend this gentle cleansing gel to be used for really sensitive skin or for those who have already been blessed with a great skin complexion.
For me, I would use this cleanser after a facial where my skin would be thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated. This is when I would use a gentler facial product on my face to soothe all the redness caused by the facial extractions.

Natural Face Moisturizing Cream
The lightly-scented moisturizing cream, on the hand, is rather thick and I was a little weary about massaging it into my face as my skin is prone to breakout if I used cream-based products. So I’ve been using the moisturizing cream as my neck cream and it’s very hydrating on the skin. However, I wish that the moisturizer could have smelt a little more fragrant and pleasing to the olfactory senses.


Certified Organic Lip Delivery Antioxidant Gloss (Pink Hibiscus)

This next product is pretty cool – a certified organic tinted lip gloss made with food-grade ingredients! What? Organic cosmetics?

It is also free from gluten, minerals, synthetic colourants,iron oxides, lead, heavy metals, preservatives, synthetic oil and waxes,artificial fragrances, silicones,petrolatum and parabens. It is also not tested on animals.


It felt super hydrating on my lips and tasted less plasticky as compared to the usual store-bought lip glosses. It has a sweet raspberry flavour.Well, it is definitely safer to ‘eat’ a certified organic lip gloss than a non-organic one. The people from Intelligent Nutrients are certainly very intelligent people, aren’t they? I wonder if they could make lipsticks edible one day too.
More importantly, is there a difference between ordinary lip gloss and organic lip glosses which is totally made safe, even for consumption? Does organic lip glosses produce the same beauty factor as ordinary lip gloss or even lip glosses from expensive brands?

Let’s put it to the test.


Super dry and slightly chapped bare lips of mine.


A single coat of Intelligent Nutrients certified organic lip gloss ( in pink hibiscus).

Ohhh… see how my lips starts to plump up a little. This lip gloss is practically ‘feeding’ my dry lips with water and I can even feel my cells on my lips drinking up the moisture! Since the bristles of the applicator is very soft, it glides very smoothly across my lips too. It gives a nice natural colour to my lips without looking too sheer or too deep of a colour.

This lip gloss not only beautify your lips with natural pigments but also help in fighting visible signs of premature aging with their signature blend of intellimune and power-packed antioxidants.In fact, our lips is one of those areas which are often neglected. So it’s really time to show some love for your lips.

But if I’m out for a special occasion with full make-up on, I would coat my matte red lipstick with a thin layer Intelligent Nutrients lip gloss to my lips a glossy finish. And if I accidentally lick my lips, at least I am only licking off the top lip gloss layer which is edible!


For Christmas, I’m definitely going to rock this look! With some edible lip gloss…

Crispy Longan
by Crispy Veg and Fruit

Now, moving something which is really edible now is this pack of crispy longan chips that is INSANELY DELICIOUS!!!

This is my first time using such a term in my blog to describe how great the food tasted. But seriously, this longan chips is totally insane! And it isn’t because I love eating longans but I am just so impressed by how sweet and crunchy this vacuum dried longans tasted. 
It’s justifiable for a slice of Awfully Chocolate cake to taste awfully delicious since it has loads of sugar, chocolate, eggs and milk in it. But for Crispy longan? The only ingredients used is natural fresh longans from Northern Thailand and nothing else. It contains no added sugar, artificial additives or preservatives,but just pure longan fruits which has left sitting in the dehydrator for hours. It’s not baked or fried. And you know what, this tasted better than the fresh longan fruit itself. Isn’t this insane? 
Wouldn’t you be crazy not to try this?


Longans are packed with high levels of vitamin C. And this bag of Crispy Longan which has 22 grams worth of longan chips contains as much Vitamin C as four oranges!


Everytime I pop one longan chip into my mouth, I was immediately sent straight up into the heavens with my head floating in the clouds.

My family happen to love longans too so I might just get them a Christmas tree-load full of Crispy Longan for Christmas. And maybe a bottle of Sparkling Euphoria to go along with the chips…

Made in Malaysia
Sparkling Euphoria
by Honey Mart

Okay, this next product is really mind-blowing. Not that it is actually a drug or alcohol that gave me instant happiness and sent me through the sky but it’s surprisingly INSANELY GOOD.
Honestly-speaking, when I first saw this product on myLIFE INC., I thought it was just another health drink. Since it is all bottled up and doesn’t really look very appealing, natural or organic, I knew right away that this would be the very last product which I would ever purchase on myLIFE INC.
But maybe I shouldn’t have judge by its plain and unappetizing appearance because I actually came to love this fizzy drink that fizzles like sprite but it’s ten times healthier than any other soft drinks. If you are obese but can’t live without a can of coke, I urge you to try Sparkling Euphoria instead.
Sparkling Euphoria consists only of honey vinegar and carbonated water. Though it may not contain any vitamins or minerals like any other health food products in myLIFE INC., it’s a fantastic healthy alternative to carbonated soft drinks, champagne and even sparkling wine.


Instead of serving sparkling wine at Christmas parties this year, why not serve your guests some sparkling euphoria which is works less heavy on their liver? The fizzy bubbles should be enough to send them giggling and laughing all night long. Well, at least, it does work on me.


Celebrate this festive season with your family and friends in ‘organic’ style!


The drink tasted even better with ice cubes!


Last but not least, it’s Sprayology Weight Loss Essentials supplements. These are just one of the interesting and innovative products offered at myLIFE INC. This isn’t another weight loss supplement that increase fat burn or making you feel ‘fuller’ so that you will not stuff yourself with food. Sprayology is a homeopathic and vitamin oral spray that uses only natural ingredients to stimulate our own body self-healing mechanisms.
First of all, this health supplement is rather interesting because it comes into a form of a spray bottle instead of tablets. And you mustn’t spray directly into your mouth or on your tongue but under your tongue where the product can get absorbed into the bloodstream quickly.

Sprayology offers various homeopathic and vitamin sprays but I chose the Weight Loss Essential Pack 
as I’m still working to shed off more kilos in addition to exercise. And the essential pack consists of 3 full-size product set includes:
• Diet Power (41 ml / 1.38 fl oz) : Relieves excessive appetite, food cravings, low energy and water retention

• Life Detoxer (41 ml / 1.38 fl oz) : Neutralizes daily toxins / Relieves sluggishness, coughing and respiratory difficulties

• Daily Multi (56 ml / 1.9 fl oz) : Boost metabolism, enhance immune system,strengthen optical system, enhance overall body health
– Contains Vitamin A,C,D and E, Thiamin, Riboflavin,Niacin,Vitamin B6,Biotin and Pantothenic acid
Diet Power and Life Detoxer are homeopathic sprays that aids in weight loss. I would these two products spray 3 times a day, with 2 sprays at each go. The taste is somewhat bearable as it gets absorbed quickly into the body. As for the Daily Multi, it’s actually a vitamin spray and it has this orange-yellow liquid colour that tasted like oranges and mangoes. I spray this 7 times at one go in the morning and 6 times in the afternoon. Nevertheless, this vitamin spray tasted really good that I actually enjoy spraying it into my mouth.

These 3 bottles are supposedly to last me for a month or so when taken daily.

Made in UK.

I’m now on my 12th day into using this set of products and I was pretty intrigued by how my body started to react the homeopathic sprays. I felt less sluggish and more energetic as the days goes by. My appetite also starts to decrease gradually but on a slower pace. But when my food cravings set in, I often succumbed to the cravings instead of grabbing for the bottle of Diet Power and start spraying into my mouth. It’s either I was too hungry that I’ve forgotten about this ‘magic potion’ I had with me in my bag to curb the food cravings. I am still working and trying hard to remind myself that I had this set of ‘magic’ spray bottles that would fuel me through the day as I learn how to stomach lesser food. If you’re on a diet or just finding ways to lose weight, I reckon that you could try this natural supplement ( that has no side effects) to aid weight loss rather than relying on weight loss pills that has potential side effects.
And last but not least …

Have you tried TEA-ism yet? This time I get to sampled the four different flavoured teas but I still like the Blueberry tea the best! It tasted even more refreshing with a slice of lemon soaked in it. Read more about Tea-ism review here.

I really had a fun time trying out all these health products which are only made available at myLIFE INC.! Do check their website regularly for their new exciting products! 

Here’s a treat for you readers out there! Use <Deenise0312> at the checkout to get a FREE Seed& Bean Organic Chocolate(worth $9).Details about Seed& Bean:


With Special thanks to myLIFE INC.,

Toast to great health! Merry Christmas! 🙂

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