Radiance PhysioFit : Get This Right Before You Start to Exercise and Train Like A Beast

I don’t know about you but I love challenge my body, test my own physical limits and push myself a little further to see how far I could go. I used to think it was a torture to put your body through such discomfort.I really hated exercise back then. But when I conditioned my body to take up more physical challenges, I am beginning to realize actually how strong and flexible my body is. The best part of all is the sense of accomplishment and exhilaration I felt knowing that I could do hours of exercise without feeling fatigue. All I ever wanted to do was to dance like a Brazilian and flex myself like a malleable piece of iron rod.
So, since the beginning of the year, I started working out like crazy. I mean, my body is in a good state with no physical injuries and neither do I have any sort of medical condition which stops me from doing strenuous exercises. I was thankful that my body was in a good state as I have had friends who suffered from sports injuries or face physical limitations during their late teenage years or early twenties. And I never understood why their well-muscular and tone bodies could have undergone such physical wear and tear at such an early age. I would pity them but I just couldn’t bring myself to empathize with them as I do not what they were going through.
Well, but now, I know.
My knees are giving way to my body. After a few months of doing Body Combat exercises, I am beginning to feel this achy pain in my knees whenever I do the jump on my feet. Like many others ( I believe), I would ignore it, thinking that the pain was just temporary. It’s just a minor pain in my knees, so what’s the big deal?

Weeks after weeks, the pain still persists whenever I climb up the stairs which exerted pressure onto my knees. And I was thinking, I’m not even in forties so why is this happening to me? Is this rheumatism? Even when doing certain yoga poses, I have to go to the extent of padding my knees to cushion it and reduce the discomfort felt in my knees.

Okay, maybe it’s time to see the doctor.

It might seem nuts to visit the clinical doctor who told me to stop exercising for a while but at that point, I really do not know who to seek help from. It was only when I saw a Groupon advertisement about a Physiotherapist centre in Chinatown which offers treatment for people with sports injuries, that it started to got me thinking that it’s time to really ‘fix’ my knee and end the pain. But they didn’t really tell me what to do in order to ‘nip the root of the problem’.
I gave up.

You know what? I am just going to continue to attend my favourite group fitness exercise classes. Yes, I shall do more squats and lunges to strengthen my leg muscles! It all sounded like a good plan but knee joints are still in pain. This time, the pain comes a little more frequent than usual.

Let’s just say that it’s really God-sent that I got to know about Radiance PhysioFit. I didn’t really know what was is store for me at this latest fitness centre except for the fact that they have their very own in-house physiotherapists. I wasn’t feeling quite confident as to whether my knee problem could be solved even after seeing their physio. But I was pretty interested in their fitness classes and gym facilities.So I hop on down about a week ago in sheer delight, hoping that I could be able to join some of their fitness classes.  I was more excited about doing Muay Thai and Zumba then to heal my knee joints. 

Radiance PhysioFit is actually more than just a gym. Unlike other huge fitness centres around in the Central Business District area, this boutique fitness centre at AXA Tower houses a physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre. But I guess what really differentiates Radiance PhysioFit from other gyms is how committed they are in ensuring their members how to exercise safely.If only I have been taught how to exercise safely and effectively, maybe I would not have ended up having pain in my knees.
Being a frequent gym goer myself, I can’ help but to notice that there are so many gym goers who are at risk of suffering from sports injuries or musculoskeletal disorders because most of the time they are not performing some of the exercises correctly. For instance, in Body Pump classes, some are not doing the deadlift technique correctly. While it may seem that it is actually the job of the Group X Fitness instructor to help correct and modify our body movements, but with over 20 participants in each Les Mills class, it is impossible for them to check your body alignment or to give you personalized instructions. Each of us has a different body to work with and thus, for it to function at its optimum, we need to rely on experts who understood the science behind our bodies.

And over at Radiance PhysioFit, it’s probably like a perfect one-stop fitness centre for gym buffs, sports enthusiasts, professional athlete or just anyone who is just starting out on exercise. Keen on group fitness classes like yoga, pilates, Zumba and Crossfit classes? They’ve got it. Thinking of engaging in a personal trainer to help you bulk up your muscles or to lose that muffin top which you have been dying to get rid off? They’ve got it too. And in the midst of exercise, you found yourself suffering from a ligament tear or a fracture and require physiotherapy? Or perhaps you just want to find out how you can exercise safely to prevent physical injuries? They’ve had it all. I must say that Radiance PhysioFit is a comprehensive and all-round fitness centre.In fact, it’s the first rehab gym in Singapore. In time to come, I believe that many gyms will also start to hire their own in-house physiotherapists.
It was a monday and I am glad to have some freshly-blended Berry Passion juice at Radiance’s cafe and juice bar. It’s a nice place to hang out with your gym mates after a workout session over fruit juices, protein shakes, freshly-brewed coffee and warm herbal tea over a healthy sandwiches or pies.

Before exploring the compound, I went for my first physiotherapy session with Declan Halpin, who is a senior physiotherapist at Radiance PhysioFit.


What to Expect at a Physiotherapy session

Declan assessed my knee problem by asking me several pertinent questions such as: Where exactly is the pain felt? When did it started? What are the possible causes? He also asked me about my lifestyle habits to see how he could come up with a treatment plan for me.
To further work out the diagnosis, he also got me to do some simple movements such as walking and doing squats and while performing these movements, he would observe my knee-joint movement.

It would be best if you are dressed appropriately for the cross-examination. A comfortable tee with shorts is perfect as you might be asked to perform some simple exercises during the session.

After further assessment, he pointed out the root cause of my knee problem. I couldn’t remember all the scientific body terms he used to describe the condition of my knee but what I gathered was that my knees are pointing inwards while walking and jumping. After a jump, I would land with my feet pointing inwards and knees going beyond the toes. True enough, I often realized that my feet would often turn inwards while walking. Over time, it becomes a habit and right now, it started to have an impact on my knees while exercising.


To solve my knee joint problem, he ‘prescribed’ some exercises which I could perform at the comfort of home to correct my leg movements. From his clinical office, we moved right up to the spacious training exercise area on level 2 where all the exercise equipment are found. I really like the fact that there is a lot of space to do functional training exercises. I wouldn’t want to be fighting for space with the gym buffs who often likes to work out alone!


1. Single Leg Glute Bridge

Besides working the leg muscles, I am also feeling it in my abs. It’s like doing a full body workout!


2. Jane Fondas

Declan, the senior physiotherapist I’m assigned to, deserves to have his name written on the wall of fame in the world of physiotherapy. He used to work as an Academy Physiotherapist for Crystal Palace Football club and as a Rehabilitation coach for the western Province Stormers Academy. He had also treated many top class athletes in Crossfit Central London and is skilled in practioner of myofascial tissue, deep tissue massage, core strengthening and joint mobilisation. 
Here’s trivial fact about Delcan – he’s a Irish rugby player who is also the Buck’s new 1st XV Captain for Season 2013/2014. A physiotherapist by day and a rugby player by night. Pretty cool, huh? 


3. Squats

Do you know that you can redeem for a free subway ride in Russia with 30 squats? I wouldn’t mind doing 30 squats daily just to get a free ride.

4. Single leg drop downs

Rehab and Sports Massage Therapist, Seishen also came to join in the fun too!

Isn’t it fun to be on camera?


The challenge here is that I would need to be a little more ‘hardworking’ than usual to perform these exercises every day which would ultimately strengthen my leg muscles. Though it’s just these 4 simple exercises, it can be really tiring! I was breaking sweat especially after doing several repetitions of each exercise!
I really couldn’t wait to get back on track where I could exercise with a pain-free knee.

Keeping fingers crossed! 

Anyhow, after the physiotherapy session which lasted for about 45 minutes, I had some time to explore and check out the gym. It’s a newly-opened gym so everything looks in its mint condition. The orange-yellow colour scheme here screams sunshine and radiance. 


There are two fitness studios – an aerobic and functional studio where more than 70 classes are held there weekly. They also have express crosscore and circuit training classes which are held before 9 am so it’s great for those who wishes to perform morning workout before heading to the office for work. I envy those who worked in the CBD area because there are just so many gym options and fitness classes catered to this group of working people! No more excuses, you lucky folks! Start working out!


Radiance PhysioFit Cafe and Juice Bar


Their freshly brewed coffee is a highly recommended beverage here at Radiance!

Grab a cuppa after an express crosscore workout before making a beeline back to the office. For some very strange reasons, I wish I was working in CBD area. Hire me, anyone?


Pukka Herbal Tea


Fresh clean towels provided.

And what’s best is that you don’t have to pay for an extra towel.


I walked into the female changing room to take a peep.

Not to worry, there’s no one in the room, except for myself and, my trusty camera.


Check out the bath amenities! 

I love visiting gyms which provides great bath amenities like a good shampoo, soap and lotions because it is just so much more convenient for me to not lugged my set of toiletries from home. Especially if I am heading elsewhere after a gym session, I wouldn’t want to carry so much items in my bag. So, all you need is to bring your sport shoes and workout clothes.

Some gyms do provide complimentary shampoo and soap which are not of high quality and sometimes the shampoo just dries out my hair. So, it’s a bonus if the gym could provide great quality toiletries where gym goers could pamper themselves during and after a shower. At Radiance, they provide shampoos,body foam and lotions from Sukin, an Australian natural skin and hair care brand. I’ve yet to use all the shower facilities here at Radiance but I really can’t wait to frequent the gym again next week.


There are several vanity counters with hair dryer so you don’t have to wait for your turn to use it. But it all depends on the crowd in this gym. For me, I would prefer smaller boutique fitness centres over the bigger ones because as members, you will receive more attention from the staff and instructors. At smaller gyms, it’s also easier to build a tight-knit community where members would felt at ease in socializing and talking to one another. I mean it is always fun to be working out with friends or with people whom you are closer with!

Rain shower head


Besides bringing the sheet of paper home with all the prescribed exercises, I was also given this Radiance PhysioFit gym bag which contained all these goodies. I love the gym bag so much that I am actually using it as my daily go-to bag.

I’m also using their airtight sports water bottle with this unique lock mechanism. You know, how I hated those water bottles which often leaks! This one works great.

I’m heading back next week for my next physiotherapy session and I  hope to try out the classes there soon! 

Keep your eyes peeled for more of my fitness updates at Radiance PhysioFit.

Remember, get your body moving in the correct manner before training wild like a beast!

Radiance PhysioFit
8 Shenton Way
AXA Tower, #02-02
Singapore 068811

For more information about the classes, memberships and gym rates, visit this link below:

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