Regina : Lipomassage by Endermologie – The Cellulite Meltdown

I was back at Regina’s for another round of treatment after trying out their ultrasonic cleansing facial. This time, I was there to try out their Lipomassage ( LPG) endermologie treatment, body contour treatment which is FDA-approved, pain-free and non-invasive. 
Like all other body-conscious women, I’m pretty much facing the similar dilemma of erasing cellulite in hopes of achieving a healthier and better body shape which is why I’ve been seeking for professional help from beauticians or medics alike. You know, it’s always easier to fight the battle with the help of others, rather than going through the tough fight alone.
While I learn that applying caffeine on the skin helps to even out the dimpled skin caused by the presence of cellulite, I wasn’t quite ready to prepare a tub of coffee powder and start rubbing it into my skin vigorously just yet. Why? First of all it’s time-consuming, tedious and messy. I couldn’t imagine the infuriated look on my mum’s face if she knew that I’ve been dirtying the bathroom with coffee powder.
And there must be a reason for the existence of technology, right? Innovative men and women in white lab coats had solved the woes of curvy women with not-so-perfect bodies by fusing technology with spa massage to eliminate fat. And it’s by far one of the best pain-free yet effective slimming treatments I’ve undergone. Slimming treatments couldn’t be more enjoyable than this and I’m glad that Regina salons houses LPG robotic-lookalike machines like the one shown below.


It’s state-of-the-art design looks really cool against the white background and white-polished floors in the spacious cubicles at Regina.The treatment, which last for about 35 to 40 minutes, is kept simple and quick. First, put on the LGP’s ‘safety’ suit, lie flat on the propped up bed and allow the beautician to roll the headpiece of the machine all over your body. It’s a relaxing massage, at least for me, who is able to withstand the pressure but for others, it might be slightly painful especially for those who has a thicker coat of cellulite. However, if your body becomes really tensed up due to the pain, you could always alert the beautician at Regina, whom would gladly lower the pressure by altering the massage intensity of the machine to a level which is comfortable for you.


The thin stretchable cotton suit by LPG would first have to be put on as it prevents the machine from tugging your skin which can result in overstretching of the skin, thus causing more pain and redness of the skin. At all times, the roller headpiece should not be in direct contact with the skin. The suit might also be worn for hygiene purposes bearing in mind that the LPG machine would have been utilised on many other bodies.


What can this LPG machine do for you?

It eliminates fat deposits, revitalize blood and lymphatic circulation, reactivate lipolysis ( fat-burning process) and also stimulates the collagen and elastin production which helps in skin firming. The skin firming effect should take place simultaneously during your weight or fat-loss process so that your skin will not appear saggy. This is precisely the reason such slimming treatments are still popular among women. These specialized slimming machines are made to target localised fat reduction, that not only helps to remove inches off your thighs and waistlines but also tone and firm up your skin. Getting that Victoria Secret’s model figure is no longer that difficult these days ( provided that you are on a strict healthy diet).

LPG’s mechanical ROLL stimulation

I personally enjoyed the lipomassage treatments as I felt that my skin was getting firmer after each subsequent session and my muscles, were, also somewhat more tone than before. I can’t vouch for the weight-loss effect yet unless I continue to go for another five to ten sessions of the treatment but I must say that the massage ‘skills’ of this white robot is superb. It eases your tension away and melts the fat, at one go. 
Why wasn’t I introduced to this machine much earlier on?

The prices of LPG Treatments (Choice of Face Contouring or Lipomassage) are as follows:
3 sessions for $388
10 sessions for $1188

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