Typhoon Haiyan: We Need to Fight it Hard and Strong

Typhoon Haiyan has produced such a great rippling effect that it not only crumbles the lives of the people living Philippines, but it also sent shudders down many of our spines – Is another severe storm going to happen, again? Maybe whatever is predicted in the short film titled, ‘ 5 degrees’ ( about how global warming can caused a series of earth destruction) may just about to unfold in reality, right before our eyes. Is global warming the cause of this ferocious storm that devastated the archipelago ?

Typhoon Haiyan could only happen because of two reasons : it’s either caused by the results of our selfish human behavior that led to climate change or the work of God. Whether contribution of global warming to Haiyan’s intensity has been insignificant or not, the rising warm temperatures have give rise to unpredictable weather patterns. Since it might be quite silly to blame it upon fate, so I guess it we just leave our fate in God’s hands. So that left us with the one and only cause for Typhoon Haiyan ( as well as the impending superstorms ahead) – climate change. But unfortunately,climate scientists aren’t going to be too straightforward and upfront with the media. Why?
We often looked to climate scientists and hurricane experts for answers but they aren’t even quite sure if they could be understood. A renowned leading experts on super storms, Professor Adam Sobel said the following in his recent interview with ABC News.

“When we’re asked ‘did climate change cause Haiyan?’ we can’t say yes. But if we just talk about the uncertainties then we’re not talking about the more important underlying truth, which is that climate change is a serious problem.”

There’s no uncertainty as to the cause of this monstrous storm took so many lives away.

If climate change is the serious problem here, then essentially ‘WE’ are the root cause of our climate problem. The cold hard truth is that Climate change is real and increasing global temperatures caused rising sea levels which may hail more severe storms to come in the future. And if the world fails to see and understand this, it’s unlikely that we can get out of this deep hole we had just dug for ourselves. Not til, if we experienced the effects of climate change for ourselves.

Even world leaders stepping up to make this issue known to the world.Yeb Saño, a Philippines climate negotiator,declared a hunger strike during this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference. This hunger strikes calls for the attention by world leaders to take actions and flight climate change but do we really have to go to the extent of doing this, really? It is a shame that we often have to resort to such tactics to get the attention of the world and push for a greater reduction in carbon emissions. To all world leaders out there who are the main drivers for the change for a better and safer earth to live in, do the ‘green’ job for the sake of your country and people. You don’t have to starve yourselves right now, when you can actually fight for the change by investing in ways of saving energy and going green.

And as individuals, we need to support the green initiatives to flight climate change.

Think of our future and our children.

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