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Vatan Se : Homely Indian Cuisine Cooked From the Heart


On behalf of Streetdirectory, I was invited for a food tasting session at Vatan Se, an eatery which serves authentic Indian food with no artificial colorings or MSG. It is located at China Square Food Court that is found in the Central Business District area (CBD).

The owners understand the nuances to the simple yet unique touches to home styled cooked food  (or Ghar-ka-khana) so they make it a point to ensure that the food served from Vatan Se is authentic and delicious.

This is Vatan Se’s latest outlet in China Square Food Court, along Telok Ayer Street. This is the second outlet after the opening of the first outlet at Costa Rhu@Tanjong Rhu in 2012. It may seemed just like another food stall at China Square Food Court but wait til you see their extensive menu which features regional cuisines native to India.


I’m never a fan of nasi biryani because most of the biryani sold in our local hawker centres and food court is either usually overcooked or undercooked. Over at Vatan Se, the biryani sold belongs to a world of a different zone.The basmati rice grain is somewhat skinnier and each grain is cooked to perfection.


I would highly recommend Karahi Paneer ($2.50) , a type of curry with huge massive chunks of cottage cheese! It’s a mild spicy tomato based curry sauce that has a sweet tangy taste – great for those who can’t take spicy food.


Vatan Se’s chicken curry ($2.50) (or Murgh Korma) is really rich and creamy.You’d be surprise to discover how tender the chicken chunks tasted. What I really like is that the chicken is already sliced into bite-sized chunks which is easier to chew and savour.


Vatan Se offers set-meal (or Thalis) options featuring popular North Indian regional cuisines which includes Awadh Se, Punjab Se, Rajasthan Se and Delhi Se.You can get try these different specialties across 5 days of the week, with each day featuring a different type of North Indian regional cuisine.



The Paneer ( cottage cheese) Tikka and Chicken Kebab ($3.00) were all prepared through the most traditional way, using the Tandoor, a cylindrical clay oven which is found right at Vatan Se’s kitchen. The intense heat generated from the burning charcoal and the smoke generated from the cooking progress gives the food that unique smoky bbq flavour. And of course, the real Indian food needs to be cooked through conventional cooking methods to achieve the authentic flavour.


That day, I got to sampled some specialities from the Awadhi cuisine such as Bhindi Pyaaz (ladyfingers stir-fried with onions dish) and Daal Palak ( lentils with spinach leaves).

The Chicken Kebab is paired perfectly with Pudina Raita (Indian mint yoghurt dip). The freshness from the mint and yoghurt not only enhances the flavour of the chicken kebab but it also gives it refreshing taste.

Lastly, we had a taste of an Indian dessert called Kesari Halwa. It is a traditional sweet dessert made with semolina flour, saffron, milk, clarified butter, nuts and cardamom. To me, it tasted like super moist butter cake that is rather rich and flavourful due to the presence of saffron and cardamom.


I couldn’t believe that they actually installed the cylindrical oven right in their small kitchen but this oven surprisingly fit nicely right at the corner.


If you’re in search for authentic Indian cuisines, there’s always Vatan Se which serves food from their country, from their home, from their kitchen. The prices here are very reasonable too.

China Square Food Centre
51 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 048441
Operating Hours:
Weekdays : 8:30am – 6:00pm
Sat / Sun / PH : Closed
Here’s the map to the location :

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