5 Reasons Why Girls Should Learn Muay Thai

I had a little ‘taste’ of what Muay Thai is like through Les Mills Body Combat class. Still, this mixed martial art (or MMA) is totally different from the real 100% Muay Thai class. I’ve always wanted to attend a Muay Thai class because the Muay Thai’s moves are pretty cool – the jabs, the roundhouse kicks and elbow slashes. So I’m glad that Radiance PhysioFit actually offer Muay Thai classes! I’ve attended my first Muay Thai class with them and have been addicted ever since.

Ian Yussuf
Muay Thai Class @ Radiance PhysioFit

It just looked way too cool whenever I look myself in the mirror while doing those combat moves, trying to look as feisty and strong like Bruce Lee – be WAH-TAH!I may have just ruined my sweet, demure and feminine image by simply just saying how much I love doing combat stances and adrenaline-kicking Muay Thai kicks. But seriously, if learning Muay Thai can help me to shape my abs and thighs, tone my lower body half, lose more weight and defend myself (if I ever get into a fight), then I wouldn’t mind being judged by others. Besides, learning such combat sports can really boost your confidence level and not to mention, it’s a great de-stresser and fat-burning workout!

So girls, here’s 5 reasons why you should start going for Muay Thai classes.


Punching right into the sandbag or boxing pads can be really exhausting.Your heart rate will start to increase the moment you start to punch and jab. Instead of running on the treadmill for miles to shed the kilos, why not sign up for a fitness class where you could learn something new at the same time exercise and stay fit?

2. You will get SHAPELIER ABS.

Some of the moves requires you to crunch and work your abs.There’s also a lot of core work in its combo of deadly punches, kicks, elbow and knee strikes. Didn’t you notice that most of Muay Thai fighters have chiselled abs?

Tight abs or lose fats? You choose.


3. You will feel super SHIOK.

Had a bad day at work? Instead of exploding your anger and frustration on someone, why not release all the tension inside you by punching the heavy sandbags? Oh, but just be careful not to punch right into your instructor’s face, alright?


4. You will be fit enough to TAKE PART IN THE HUNGER GAMES.

I could totally imagine myself as Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games movie where she was able to attack and defend herself in order to emerge as the ultimate survivor during the games. Through Muay Thai, you will be able to build strength, stamina, reflexes and endurances. You will soon find yourself more agile and ready to fight or defend. It’s always good for us women to learn some moves to defend ourselves because it might just come in handy one day.

5. You will impress THE BOYS.


Muay Thai is high adrenaline-kicking sport that attracts mostly man so if you can some combat Muay Thai moves, I’m pretty sure that their jaws would drop.

Muay Thai Classes @ Radiance PhysioFit

There aren’t many gyms offering Muay Thai as I believe that there aren’t many Muay Thai instructors in Singapore just yet. But here at Radiance PhysioFit, they do offer Muay Thai classes which are conducted by an experienced Muay Thai trainer called Ian Yussuf. He’s a fantastic fitness instructor as he can be quite humourous which makes classes more interesting and entertaining. He will try to jazz up his Muay Thai class with variations in his warm-ups and training so that it will not be mundane or monotonous.

Don’t the boxing gloves make me look super tough?

So far, I’ve attended two Muay Thai classes at Radiance PhysioFit with Ian. For the first Muay Thai class, he taught us some basic Muay Thai movements and also how to put Muay Thai Boxing hand wraps. During the second Muay Thai class, he upped the complexity of movements and taught how to train like a beast. I am still thinking if I am up for more Muay Thai or MMA classes in the future though!

Anyway, girls, have a great workout! Stay fit and strong! See at the gym! 🙂

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