Arose Eye Pillow: Natural Herbal Pillow for the Eyes


Hi there, lovely people! It’s finally Christmas and I just got back from a short getaway to Hong Kong. It’s been a really pleasant trip but I just haven’t gotten much sleep as all the time was invested in exploring and having fun in Hong Kong. As most of you would have guessed it, I was having really bad dark circles right underneath my eyes. It takes some time and a lot of hard work to get rid of those circles! Besides applying night eye cream and going to bed early, I am also using the AROSE Eye pillow to relief eye tension and for eye relaxation. It aids in lightening dark circles by stimulating the blood circulation around the eye area.

Just before going to bed, I would heat up the eye pillow in the microwave for about 30 seconds and then leave it to cool for a while before placing over my eyes. It works more than just a heat pack as it contained a handpicked blend of therapeutic natural herbs that gives off this refreshing aromatic scent. It smelt of medicinal Chinese herbs except that it’s more rejuvenating and awakening due to the presence of ginger,mint and lemon grass.

Besides the soothing scent that calms me into sleep, I find that the warmth from the eye pillow helps in the absorption of the eye cream I was using. It also reduces the puffiness in the eyes with some massage around the eyes.

The Eye pillow comes with a sleep mask.

The natural ingredients used in the eye pillow consists of Organic Jasmine rice, Ginger, mint, Wan-Sao-Long, Lemon Balm and Lemongrass. The organic Jasmine rice was used as medium of heat in hot compress while mint,lemon balm and lemon grass are used for its aromatic effects.And Wansaolong, an original Thai herb, is one of the key ingredients that gives the eye pillow that distinctive herbal scent. It’s well-known for its antiseptic property and it is often used to treat skin infections, cuts and wounds.This aromatic herbal pack contains 1–% natural Thai herbs with no chemicals added! It’s a perfect gift for environmental-conscious individuals or simply anyone who lives by the ‘go natural’ philosophy.

You could also use it as a cold pack but I find that the ‘cold effect’ of the pack didn’t last very long. It definitely works better as a heat pack as the natural herbs could retain heat better. It remained warm for about 10 minutes before it starts to cool down to room temperature. And it can be reused for about 50 to 80 times.

Besides the eye pillow, Arose also offers other products like Herbal neck pillow, Herbal back pillow, Herbal foot-bath and many more.

Ahhh… the weather now is chilly and it’s time for me to heat up my eye pillow and catch some sleep now. Goodnight!

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