Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets: The Makeup Eraser

One of the reasons why I didn’t really like putting on makeup is the difficulty of having to remove all the makeup and debris off your face and making sure that your skin is squeaky clean after cleansing. I’ve tried different type of makeup cleansers and so far what works best for me is cleansing oil and cleansing milk. If I have heavy makeup on, I would use a cleansing oil-soaked cotton pads to swipe away the eye makeup. And if I had a really light makeup on, I would turn to cleansing milk to gently remove the dirt and makeup residues.

But I have not tried makeup remover cleansing sheets yet as I had this impression that cleansing sheets doesn’t work as well and as efficient. But I guess I was proven wrong after using Biore’s new and improved version of the Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets. And this improved version has 20% more cleansing oil in each sheet and it requires 50% less wiping on eye lashes and eye area to remove waterproof mascara.

It’s fast, convenient and travel-friendly. Therefore, it has to travel with me.

Since I was supposed to do a review on this product, I actually stashed it in my luggage and took it with me all the way to Hong Kong last week. I was glad I brought it along with me because it saves so much trouble for me to remove on the makeup thoroughly within one minute! It took me about 6 to 8 swipes to get all the makeup off, using only one piece of the cotton facial sheet. I even use a cotton pad soaked with cleansing milk and swipe it across my face just to see if there is any remaining residues but surprisingly, there was no makeup residues left! Wouldn’t you agree with me that this product is really created for the lazy people out there who often sleep in bed with their makeup on?

The cotton sheets are soaked with Biore’s cleansing oil and hydrating beauty essence that leaves the skin feeling moist and soft. The cleansing oil doesn’t leave any oily or sticky feeling on the skin. In fact, the moist facial sheets are so gentle that it can be used on the eye area. It effectively removes all those thick coats of mascara I have on my lashes as well as the dark rim of eye liners on my eyelids.

Who needs those huge bulky bottles of makeup removers when you can actually use these facial sheets that does a great job in removing makeup? It’s one of the best ‘makeup erasers’ in town!

Biore Cotton Sheets are available in major pharmacies and super/hypermarkets. Retail prices are as below: Regular tub ( 44 sheets) (SGD17.90), Refill pack (SGD15.60), Handy Pack (10 sheets) ($3.90)

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