Christmas Breakfast Cereal : Organic Brown Rice Puffs with Berries and Cashew milk

This year, there ain’t any Christmas extravaganzas like huge end-of-year parties or family gatherings to attend. Christmas, for me, has been very much a quiet affair where I would just spend it just like any other holidays. No candy canes, no gifts or santas.
To fill up the free time, I would usually choose to hit the gym rather than going for a brunch or tea at cafes. The time I spent at the gym is a time for myself to reconnect with my body and a time for me to just concentrate on doing what I love.
After an intensive workout, it’s important to replenish the fuel in your body by eating post-gym snacks like muesli bars. What I like to do is to soak some cereals in a bowl of nutmilk. Ever since I’ve learnt how to make my own cashew nutmilk with the blender, I’ve been obsessed with it.
Here’s my Christmas version of a post-gym cereal.
Good Morning Cereals – Organic Brown rice puffs
Brown rice puffs are a healthy and gluten-free option with most of the original nutrients still remain intact even after the brown rice kernels have been puffed up. It’s nutritional value is only slightly lower than brown rice. 
The brown rice puffs gets softened in the nutmilk really quickly so don’t let it soaked in the nutmilk for too long. Be sure to feel full after eating one cup of brown rice puffs soaked in milk.

Nature’s Wonders Baked Cashews
( for making the nutmilk)

To make your own homemade cashew nutmilk, simply toss in some baked/raw cashews (soaked in water overnight) and sprinkle some cinnamon, nutmeg and a pinch of himalayan sea salt. Don’t forget to sweeten it up by drizzling some honey or agave nectar and pour some water then blend.

Top up the bowl of breakfast cereals with fresh blueberries and cranberries which are high in anti-oxidants. Oh wait, how could you miss out on adding a dash of cinnamon to your cereals for that extra christmassy taste?

Have A Blessed Christmas.

All items are bought from NTUC Xtra (JEM).

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