Deenise Glitz Travels : Winter in Hong Kong – Disneyland + Tim Ho Wan

18 Dec 2013
The Hong Kong food trail continued as they search for the nearest Tim Ho Wan to satisfy their cravings for the BBQ pork buns. Using Eunice’s mobile data plan, we found that the Tim Ho Wan outlet closest to our hotel was located at Sham Shui Po. (By the way, you could purchase a SIM card with a unlimited dataplan from China Mobile for a quite a good price. Google map will come as handy.)

Tim Ho Wan’s BBQ pork buns are phenomenal. Why? The crust is slightly crisp on the outside and super soft and chewy on the inside. These are the occasions where you really wish that you weren’t a vegetarian.

Besides the BBQ pork buns, everything else was ordinary.

Steam Egg Cake


Rice Noodle Rolls with Shrimps


Rice dumplings


Our magical journey to Disneyland

They were clever enough to skip the queue with their e-tickets which Vanessa had bought online. If you’re heading to Hong Kong Disneyland, do make the smart move by purchasing your tickets online! On that day itself, all you will need is just your credit card ( the one you used to purchase the e-tickets).

It’s nearing Christmas and the festive and joyous mood at Disney was very infectious. The visitors were serenades with delightful Disney music that would have people dancing on two feet, while humming to the tunes of the theme song of Cinderella, ‘So this is love’.

‘So this is love. Hmm-mmm, so this is loveee… So this is what makes love divine!’



Wouldn’t it be great if we could all live in a castle like this?
Marry a Prince Charming and live happily ever after in a far far away castle.
Maybe Deenise’s wish could come true if she wishes upon a star…



Mickey and Minnie welcomes the three musketeers.
It’s their first photo spot and thank goodness, the queue isn’t long.



Sometimes we got to remind ourselves what is it like to look at things with a child-like wonder. Because that’s where creativity would stem from.
The first theme park ride they took was the Space Mountain’s indoor roller coaster ride. Roller coaster-hater Deenise was challenged to take this heart-pounding ride of her life. Seriously, why would anyone want to put themselves through such thrills? The creator of roller coasters must be nuts.


The Golden Mickeys at Disney’s Storybook Theater
This is a performance that is not to be missed! Relive the magic of the popular Disney cartoons and movies all in one musical.
Toy Story



Lilo ‘N’ Stitch




Oh, Minnie, you’re so fine!



Beauty and the Beast
The most beautiful Disney love story of all times.




Little Mermaid



Bubble madness



It’s a small world



Stomach rumbling. Snack attack!



Strawberry and mango MINNIE ice-cream!



4D Disney Movie with Donald Duck



Photo time with their favourite Disney Characters!




An extravagant Disney Parade





As the sky darkens, the temperatures starts to fall drastically. The wind literally sent chills down their spines. After a cup of hot chocolate with cinnamon sugar-coated churros at Toy Storyland, they seek warmth in the candy stores at Main Street, U.S.A.
For dinner, they settled for Mickey waffles!
Battling in the cold.


And the only reason why they decide to wait til 9pm, before they hopped out of Disneyland, was to view the magnificent fireworks against the backdrop of the Disney Castle.













Was that a shooting star? Quick! Make a wish!


It’s like a dream come true. After the dazzling fireworks, they hurried and strolled back to the train before the clock strikes midnight.
Soaked in bliss, the three musketeers wished their lives could be as magical as Mickey and Minnie.
Come what may,
they all aspire to live happily ever after.
The End.

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