Deenise Glitz Travels : Winter in Hong Kong – Noah’s Ark + Shopping + Dimsum !!!

15 Dec 2013
Menacing clouds, gloomy weather and continuous showers are the last thing any traveller would hope for. But whether it’s rain or shine, the three musketeers will brave through the storm and fight against all odds to shop like a shopaholic and eat like a pig.
This is Hong Kong.
For the shopaholics and foodies ( who can really eat).

Since the three musketeers were so busy and caught up with their work, they only did a brief planning using a shared online google document. With google, collaborative travel planning was made so much easier!

So, after a smooth flight on Jetstar, they went through this seamless arrival process. Within 10 minutes after immigration checks and luggage collection, they hopped right away into the limousine with a private chauffeur that drove them all the way to Metropark Kowloon. They were suppose to be sitting on a hotel shuttle bus that would fetch them from the airport to the hotel but luck was on their side! They had a free vehicle upgrade to a limo!

Though it isn’t a celebrity-type of limo, the leather seats are ultra comfy where you can have free Wi-Fi access to connect with the world. This is a instagram-worthy piece of news!

Since it was the bird flu season, why not use the excess N95 masks you’ve bought during the Great Haze that left Singapore shrouded in smoke?


Our 2 + 1 hotel bedroom has sufficient space for us to move around and even store all the shopping loots. There’s even plenty of space for Deenise to do her yoga moves.

It’s a pretty neat hotel with well-maintained facilities. And Deenise is saying this not because they gave her chocolate mints as a sweet treat before bedtime. But really, what’s there to complain with the comfortable beds and soft duvets that gave each of them a good night’s sleep?

They planted their feet in the most frequented shopping centre in Mong Kok which is well-known among fellow Singaporean shopaholics.

But their stomachs were growling so they scanned around the area for food and spotted a queue right outside Tsui Wah restaurant.


Their first meal wasn’t Dim Sum or noodles but risotto, pork chop rice and crispy noodles. You can’t go wrong with the food here in this restaurant where it is manned by fantastic chef that cooks with a blazing flame.


Even herbal drinks like this longan with red dates tea is undeniably good.



The word ‘organic’ in the menu had caught Deenise’s eyes. Only this plate of Mushroom risotto with prawns and basil leaves could fit her palate.


Eunice was salivating as she gobbles up the plate of Chinese-style crispy noodles. This is one musketeer who was so in love with noodles – especially crispy ones.


Shopping can be a rather strenuous and mind-boggling activity that requires the brain to work out the conversion rates to find out if a pair of jeans is cheaper in Hong Kong or Singapore.
Deenise was the photographer of this trip who slings a heavy Canon 650D around her neck while Vanessa was the map reader (or GPS) who reads and figure out where they are. Lastly, Eunice was the shopping and food expert who would uncover shopping treasures and good food finds in Hong Kong.
Their incredible power and talent were made good use of.
Great photos, shopping finds and food.
Great food like the steamboat set meals from Cafe de Coral. An eatery frequented by any true blue Hong Kongers for their affordably-priced warm food.



16 Dec 2013

5 days in Hong Kong goes by really quickly. On our second day, we went for a traditional Hong Kong breakfast at a Cha Cheng Teng (or tea house) that is a stone throw away from our hotel. Hong Kongers usually have buns stuffed with an omelette, pork or ham and a cup of milk tea or coffee. It’s a simple breakfast affair in Hong Kong.



Pineapple bun (菠蘿包)


Some sightseeing would make the trip a little more meaningful and memorable. It’s probably one of those undiscovered attractions in Hong Kong. This is Noah’s ark, where the biblical story is retold once again with monuments of today and the past.








Besides the fascinating exhibition about how the remnants of Noah’s ark was found at Mount Ararat, there were also exhibition spaces showcasing how life has flourished on earth.You could even catch a glimpse of several species of the animals and insects like spiders and worms.

There’s also this really cool machine that measures the amount of carbon,water and minerals found in your body and then tags a price to how much you are worth.


She worths $360.69. You mean in HKD?


Watching short 4D movie films on Noah’s Ark


It’s cold, windy and rainy.
There’s no one else but us and a couple of families who toured the vicinity.


Noah’s Ark is far off from the city area, located in Ma Wan, a small island on its own which is linked to Lantau island by Tsing Ma bridge.

Back to the City



Everyone’s here is fighting for space. But that’s the beauty of Hong Kong – a compact city manages to house a growing population within tight spaces. When you see a photograph of a bustling city with neon signs embossed with mandarin words and English words, narrow roads that is always filled with vehicles and the rows of glazed roasted chicken and ducks displayed behind the glass windows, there’s no doubt about it that it’s taken right there in Hong Kong.


The three musketeers had their very first Hong Kong Dim Sum at Yi Dian Xin ( 一点心 ).  It was one of the best dim sum they had thus far during this trip to Hong Kong.

Every Dim Sum dishes knocked their socks off. If you are at this Dim Sum restaurant, do not be afraid to order anything off the menu. It’s affordable and more importantly, it’s dead yummy.
Visit this blog page on your next visit to Hong Kong and tell the waiter/waitress that you will order exactly what is reflected on this blog page.


Siew Mai




Rice Noodle Rolls with Chinese Doughnut
That’s a interesting combination of food! Chee Cheong Fun with You Tiao?



BBQ Pork steam buns
Century Egg Porridge
Mango roll with coconut
An evening stroll along the city


17 Dec 2013

On Day 3, they once again brave the cold showers and went in search for the much raved about Hong Kong Cafe called Lan Fong Yuen. Deenise wasn’t too fond of the food but this place was worth visiting for it’s ambience.

Immediately, they were brought back to the sixties when they stepped onto the mosaic tiles.






You shouldn’t give Agnes b. cafe a miss while you’re in Hong Kong. It isn’t just a fancy cafe that attracts people with its brand. Their selection of gourmet coffees,teas and hot chocolates were simply delightful.
Deenise had hot chocolate with rose syrup at Agnes b cafe in Times Square. Everyone on the table couldn’t resist of sipping her cup of chocolate that has a subtle rose flavour.
And for lunch, they walked into a small eatery that served super delicious beef noodles near Times Square.

In the evening, they headed down to the night market along causeway bay before heading to Yung Kee Restaurant to meet Eunice’s ex-schoolmate, Anna.

Naked bartender to flirt with you?
No, do read between the lines.


Yung Kee restaurant is famous for their roasted goose meat that comes with some sweet sour plum sauce.


They had congee for dinner that isn’t that superb but it warm about stomachs during that cold windy night.
It was 10 degree celsius.
The temperatures continues to take a dip as the three musketeers continue to venture on.
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